BCT404 Introduction To Construction Technology UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCT404 Introduction To Construction Technology is an invaluable course for students looking to enter the construction industry. In this course, students learn the basics of construction practices, how to read and interpret blueprints, essential math skills needed on the job site, and how to use building materials and tools in safe and productive ways.

Knowledge gained here is a necessary preparation for understanding more advanced concepts taught in subsequent courses. This introductory course also helps participants develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will aid them in their future jobs in the construction field.

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Herein, we will be discussing our assignment tasks in detail. Specifically, these are:

Assignment Task 1: Apply the basic theories of executing preliminary works to substructure works in construction technology.

One of the most important stages in construction technology is the substructure works, and for this stage to be successful there are several basic theories that must be kept in mind. The first of those theories is the ‘integrated project delivery’ method, whereby a series of different processes are coordinated and managed within a single workflow. Additionally, various aspects of the design must also be coordinated with the construction process itself, so that everything flows seamlessly between preparation and finish.

Furthermore, when entering into any kind of agreement related to substructure works, it’s critical to remember that it’s never wise to underestimate or overestimate the costs or resources required during the process. Finally, don’t forget that experience matters when working on substructure projects; employ highly trained professionals who know exactly how to execute these types of works safely and efficiently. Understanding these broader principles can help ensure successful substructure works from start to finish.

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Assignment Task 2: Report verbally and in writing the methods of preliminary works to substructure works in construction technology.

In construction technology, preliminary works are crucial in laying the foundation for a successful substructure. Substructures are vital for building strong and durable edifices. Most civil engineering projects require careful planning, surveying, excavation and fills analyses to embark on any substructure works. Some of the preliminary works may include assessing the location of the site, soil testing to determine suitability, understanding local regulations and permits needed as well as managing existing vegetation or topography.

After these essential steps have been completed with accuracy, we can commence with preparing designs as well as making calculations that will ensure a reliable and stable substructure. By taking note of these good practices in constructing superior-quality subsurfaces, we will be able to move forward confidently while mitigating potential risks.

Assignment Task 3: Display the soil test and bricklaying procedures according to UBBL 1984 Standards and specifications applied in construction technology.

Following the UBBL 1984 Standards and specifications, soil testing and bricklaying procedures should be implemented to ensure that any construction work adheres to high standards. It is essential to gain an understanding of the soil conditions and environment in order to plan the correct course of action for all construction related activities. A thorough soil test, covering areas such as permeability, plasticity index, maximum dry density, and other factors should be conducted according to UBBL stipulations.

Once appropriate results have been received from the fertilizer sample tests, bricklaying can begin. This should be done according to industry safety protocols and within the specifications set out by the UBBL which call for use of quality mortar for all brickwork. By ensuring that every project follows these processes and uses approved products, lasting structures can be guaranteed that meet local building code regulations.

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