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XML provides a way for computers, mobile devices, and other technological equipment to communicate with each other. This course will provide you with some basic principles of XML that should help make it easier than ever before to determine what information is being sent from one device or person in order to keep track of things like dates/times which can be helpful if there’s an emergency. You’ll also learn about XML Schemas where you’ll be able to document rules for the structure of data, and we’ll show you examples of document types that can provide more information on how best to use XML.

XML came about because the Web needed a way to store data in a format that was easily read by both humans and computers. Since XML files are text-based documents, they’re a lot easier to understand than some of the earlier versions of HTML. If you’ve ever tried to edit a web page manually, you know how difficult it can be to alter the internal coding. XML files were created so that people could write instructions for computers using words instead of numbers and symbols.

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XML is used in an enormous amount of different applications. Other types of software also use XML, which is why it’s important you understand how to read and write this kind of language. By reading this course, you’ll be able to get a basic understanding of what this means for your future projects.

By the end of this course, you’ll have learned about XML Schemas and the basics of how to use XML. You should be able to better understand what information is being sent so it can be stored on devices more effectively. While this may not seem like a big deal, it’s certainly going to be helpful for you when determining what information is being sent from one person or computer to another.

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Following questions are the sample of the learning outcomes for CSC570  XML Programming Assignment 

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Assignment Brief 1: Apply concepts and methods in XML documents and applications.

XML is a markup language. We use it to store and transmit information through computers and over networks. It stands for EXtensible Markup Language. XML is like HTML, but different in some fundamental ways. For example, it uses tags instead of directional formatting such as left-margin editing with hidden characters that only publish when printed out on paper. This also means that grouping data into one file can be quite difficult as XML requires text wrap around all content that’s nestled next to each other in order to maintain hierarchy usage and separation of items represented by “tags.”

 XML is a markup language that defines the tags and codes for different parts of an HTML page. It must be used because documents written using it are understood by computers, unlike human-readable HTML files, which are not understood at all without interpretation by browsers like Chrome or Firefox. XML was developed to overcome problems with inconsistencies between collaboration tools. For example, the use of semicolons in one tool; whereas another tool does not use semicolons (most editors automatically insert them). This would lead to confusion when creating content for multiple platforms like web servers where there would be different rules for typing semicolons within these contexts. Therefore, marking up data in this way converts this kind of context-sensitive incompatibility into a stable document that can require the applications on either end of the data transfer to understand and interpret it using their own rules, which is handled by XML parsing.

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XML is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation. XML was created to address the need for better web data interchange and integration of documents and databases over the current text-based hypertext systems. The goals of XML include improved legibility and structure, compliance with software locales, improved information retrieval, document publishing integrity, improved integration across applications within large organizations or government agencies, an open architecture that supports plug-ins such as other markup languages and programming languages.

Assignment Brief 2:Demonstrate communication skills in a group project on topics related to XML applications.

A group project is just one of many applications for XML that can be found in today’s world. For example, there is a company called ContextX that builds technology to manage contextual data for market research and media intelligence. They use an open standard to store, search, and share information so it transcends the boundaries inherent in proprietary technologies or formats.

When setting up this type of system, they must first design taxonomies which are hierarchical categories used to identify every relevant piece of information about their industry. This allows them to find data quickly without relying on human laborious keyword searches. Next they develop specialized software that users throughout the organization collaborate on during specific stages including designing database schemas using XML formats and building fully integrated systems among the various stakeholders of the system.

In many ways, ContextX’s work is similar to Wikipedia where both provide a framework for storing more data than a traditional database and allowing that data to be mapped to a variety of other projects. There are some notable differences, however. One major difference is that contextX has standardized taxonomies while Wikipedia provides a more open environment for collaboration. In addition, ContextX’s software must be able to handle XML specifications while Wikipedia has no such requirements.

An XML application has a global variable called a “userData” which is accessed in all functions by this function.

The XML application uses the “pathsToUserData” global variable to access the appropriate data from the userData object that resides in other locations on disk. To add or delete functionalities, only add or delete other locations on disk and add or delete other sets of paths to UserData by modifying this variable. No modifications need be made at runtime; the program does not allow for any function other than what it was designed to do after compiling.

Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate lifelong learning skills in assignments related to applications based on XML.

XML is a very potent and popular language used for transporting tabular data or other types of structured data across networks or causing it to be stored persistently. The first thing that must be noted is that different systems use different document formats, so the success of one will depend greatly on the format exported by another system, especially if validation of incoming data containing errors is desired.

Fortunately, there are standard libraries such as LIBPQXX (the “P” indicates PostgreSQL) which can properly import XML documents from databases such as MySQL and convert them into native objects without degrading performance noticeably. Not only does an understanding of this topic help developers transfer information between applications with ease, it can also help programmers to use application libraries properly which often rely upon this for their operation.

There are three types of documents that software developers must be aware of when parsing an XML document, they are:

  • well-formed (consists of all tags closing properly)
  • valid (does not contain extraneous tags which may be understandable by the parser but are not defined in the DTD)
  • erroneous (contains tags that are either wrong or not defined at all)

It is best to consider the ramifications of what might happen when an XML document arrives on your application or is sent from it. If data loss may occur, the structure of the received file should be checked and compared with what was sent. Also if there are multiple possible tags that can match a part of the data, validation must occur so that only the one which the application knows will represent this data is selected.

This can be done by exporting a prototype document and then viewing it in a tool such as Mozilla’s Firefox, or many others which support DOM (Document Object Models). Firefox may be especially useful because it has a parser for XML and JS which you can use to examine the XML structure of the document, as well as its content.

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