LAS687 Environmental Impact Assessment Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The EIA course will focus on the examination of purpose, principles and practical application. It explores how Environmental Impact Assessment has been used as a tool for preventing environmental problems in proposed developments with an emphasis placed upon its development over time alongside other important topics like ecologically sustainable development connections between them all to protect and enhance environmental values. The course will equip you with the ability to undertake an EIA for a proposed development project, as well as skills in critically evaluating the outcomes of impact assessments already undertaken.

This course will take a look at the various aspects of environmental impact assessment, including what it is and why you need to do your research on this subject. It also provides information about how best practices can be implemented as well as common problems with implementation in mind- future directions for a study that are being considered by experts right now; the critical role the public play throughout due processes ( both those occurring before us today and ones yet unborn ). The content covers 4 weeks’ worth – enough time if taken alone or paired up alongside another class but not less than 2 semesters’ worth considering all factors involved.

Environmental impact assessment is a process used to predict the likely environmental consequences of a proposed development project and to identify ways to mitigate those impacts. It is a decision-making tool that can be used to prevent or reduce negative environmental impacts of development projects and to enhance positive impacts.

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LAS687 Environmental Impact Assessment Assignment is one of the most important aspects of any business. It helps organizations assess the potential impact of their activities on the environment. This assessment is important to develop strategies to reduce the impact of these activities.

Assignment Task 1: Interpret the knowledge of legal EIA requirements in Malaysia and select standard EIA methods and techniques for a given situation

The knowledge of legal EIA requirements in Malaysia is essential for anyone wishing to undertake development projects within the country. EIA is required by Malaysian law for any project that has the potential to cause serious environmental damage, and failure to comply with the law can lead to significant penalties.

There are several standard EIA methods and techniques that can be used in any given situation, and it is important to select the most appropriate ones for each particular project. The most common method used in Malaysia is the desktop study, which involves reviewing existing literature and data to assess the potential environmental impacts of a proposed project. Other methods that may be used include field surveys, interviews and focus group discussions.

As per the legal EIA requirements in Malaysia, every project that has the potential to cause significant environmental impacts must undergo an EIA. The objective of an EIA is to assess the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project and identify appropriate mitigation measures to ensure that these impacts are minimized. An EIA also provides an opportunity for public consultation on a proposed project, which is an important part of the decision-making process.

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Assignment Task 2: Discuss and critically evaluate common issues arising from EIA practice and the roles of various parties in the due processes of EIA 

Several common issues can arise during an EIA, some of which are highlighted below. It is important to note that these issues can often be resolved through effective communication and collaboration between the various parties involved in the process.

One common issue that can arise is a lack of clarity or understanding about the roles and responsibilities of each party involved in the EIA process. This can lead to disagreements and conflicts about who should be responsible for what. A clear and well-defined project management plan can help to resolve this issue by outlining everyone’s role and responsibility in detail.

Another common issue is a lack of resources, which can impact the quality and timeliness of the EIA process. This can often be resolved by ensuring that adequate resources are allocated to the project from the outset.

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