UCS3122 Professional English Assignment Sample of UCTS Malaysia

UCS 3122 Professional English Assignment Sample of UCTS, Malaysia

The course UCS3122: Professional English: Essential Communication Skills teaches students how to work effectively with others through various forms of communication. With the skills learned in this class, you will be able to communicate more easily and accurately during your time at university as well as after graduation into a professional career.

This assignment sample is designed to help you communicate clearly and effectively with others in face-to-face, print, and online contexts. You will develop skills in the following areas:

  • Asking Questions & Communicating Openly and Honestly
  • Listening to Understand Others & Responding Appropriately
  • Expressing Yourself Clearly & Concisely Using Written Texts (including email)

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This course is conducted by the University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS). UCTS was established through a memorandum of understanding between the Malaysian Ministry of Education and Cisco Systems International Inc. UCTS provides students with an education that combines work-based learning experiences in a variety of industrial areas including information technology networking, project management, finance, accounting software applications, media lab support and visual communications. It is situated on the beautiful campus of UITM in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak and also at an annex in Miri City, Malaysia’s oil capital.

The assignment sample aim is to introduce students to the knowledge and skill needed to communicate in a professional environment.

Assignment Brief 1: Demonstrate effective communication skills required in academic and professional settings

In this assignment example, we can demonstrate effective communication skills required in academic and professional settings by running a project and communicating effectively through it.

It involves finding out more about the professional environment we want to work or study in, searching for information, handling communication between other parties, etc. We have several avenues available to us such as the Internet, asking for advice from seniors, and so on.  Other things that we will do is follow up with people and make sure that they have received our messages correctly without any hiccups. We must be very patient here but at the same time be firm in completing our objectives.

Another important aspect of this assignment will involve gaining insight from those who worked before us while running other projects beforehand as well as during this course’s lectures. Information such as how they handled difficult situations can be invaluable when trying to work out how to approach these situations ourselves. This is a skill that cannot be learned in books and it requires us to learn from the other party’s experience.

A student must ensure that they are handling all their assigned tasks at hand as there will be penalties for not doing so even if it were for some reason beyond our control such as a dead PowerPoint battery or project file that was accidentally deleted by someone else.

Assignment Brief 2: Extract and utilize information from a variety of sources using appropriate citation techniques.

This assignment sample help students to extract and utilize information from a variety of sources using appropriate citation techniques through this project. That is, we can extract information from the resources given to us as well as from other sources both on and offline. We will also have to take into consideration things such as copyright laws when using these online sources i.e. does this website allow for personal use only or are they available for commercial purposes too?

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This part of our assignment requires a lot of time and effort in order to document our findings correctly including writing down page numbers whenever needed, extracting paragraphs that contain relevant information as well as ensuring that all the information we’ve gathered has been documented correctly. One mistake with regards to citation techniques here could lead to an entire research paper being rejected due to the fact that it completely failed to meet the requirements that were set out by the professor.

At the end of this research, we should also be able to mention what methods were used in order to find the information that was needed as well as how reliable Information Technology (ICT) is when it comes to its ability to integrate and collect large amounts of data in a relatively short period of time. Use examples if possible.

Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate good and effective writing skills

This assignment example helps us to demonstrate good and effective writing skills through this project. To do so, we can follow some of the steps below

This part of our assignment sample will involve a lot of time and effort in order to ensure that we write in a very clear manner as well as structure our writing correctly so that it makes sense to our readers and doesn’t look complete gibberish. The professor will check our grammar (i.e. is there a run-on sentence or any other errors with regards to paragraph construction etc.) as well as our logical flow (that is, who’s doing what at which stage) and tone when writing this report As stated before, being able to structure one’s writing into paragraphs properly makes it easier for the reader to follow what has been written even if they’re not really interested in the topic that is being discussed.

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The above assignment sample is based on UCS3122 Professional English.

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