COM410 Introduction To Communication And Media Studies Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia

This course provides an excellent foundation for understanding and further studies in communication. It helps the students discover new changes within our media environment, as well as equips them with knowledge of primary mass-media – print or electronic-based technologies that are available today.

This course helps the students understand how communication works, and how it affects our daily lives. The students will develop skills in creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective written and oral communication. They will also learn to use different media technologies for communication purposes.

This course is essential for those who want to pursue a career in media, communication, or public relations. It is also beneficial for those who want to improve their communication skills in general.

This course is offered by the Department of Communication at the University of XYZ. It is open to all students who have completed their first year of studies at the university.

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This course provides an overview of communication and media studies. It covers various topics such as interpersonal communication, mass communication, and new media. The course also examines the impact of communication and media on society.

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the foundations, and approaches to communication and media studies. 

There are a variety of approaches to communication and media studies. One approach is to analyze the content of communication, focusing on studying how messages are created and interpreted. Another approach is to look at the effects of communication, examining how media shapes our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. There is also a critical approach that looks at power relationships within society and how they are maintained through mediated messages.

The foundations of communication and media studies are interdisciplinary, drawing from fields such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, economics, and linguistics. In addition to traditional research methods (such as surveys and experiments), researchers in this field often use qualitative techniques such as observation and analysis of cultural artifacts (such as films, television shows and social media posts).

Assignment Activity 2: Elaborate on the roles and influence of communication and mass media in the changing landscape

Mass media has a huge role in our changing landscape. It can shape and mould public opinion, galvanize people into action, and spread information (and misinformation) lightning-fast. It can be used for good or evil, and it’s wielded more and more effectively with every passing day.

In terms of its effect on communication, mass media has made it possible for us to communicate with each other on a global scale in ways that were once impossible. We can now share news and information instantly, connect with people all over the world, and build communities around shared interests. This is an incredible tool that has the potential to unite us as a species and help us work towards common goals.

However, mass media can also be used to divide us and pit us against each other. The way information is presented can be biased and one-sided, leading people to form opinions based on incomplete or false information. Additionally, the constant barrage of images and messages can desensitize us to violence, suffering, and other important issues, making it harder for us to empathize with others and take action on the things that matter.

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Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate communication skills oral and written related to communication and media studies

In communication and media studies, we learn about the different ways in which people communicate through oral and written means. We also learn about the different types of media that are used to communicate messages to the public.

One of the most important things that we learn in this field is how to critically analyze communication messages. We dissect them to see who sent them, why they were sent, and what effects they have on their audience. We also look at the various channels through which these messages are delivered, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the internet.

Critical analysis is essential for understanding how communication works in today’s world. It allows us to be more aware of the messages that we receive from all forms of media, and it helps us to better understand the effects that they have on us. It also helps us to develop our communication skills so that we can more effectively communicate with others.

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