MPU3123 Islamic civilization and Asian civilization (titas) UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

MPU 3123 Islamic civilization and Asian civilization (titas) (Islamic civilization and Asian civilization)

This assignment sample offers a series of discussions covering the development and interaction between various civilizations, such as Indian or Chinese.

The course also explores Islam Hadhari–an Islamic term that means “civilization” in Arabic—and discusses how it has worked to shape contemporary society for betterment.

As well, this assignment sample will provide students with an understanding of important issues like human capital development and moral education from a cultural perspective, while fostering interest among citizens through respect towards other cultures.

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Assignment brief of MPU 3123 Islamic civilization and Asian civilization (titas) UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.

Assignment Activity 1: Identify major concepts of Islamic and Asian

This assignment sample elaborates the major concept of Islam that is to be un-touching from your parents once the age of 18. The Muslims believe it shows disrespect for oneself not allowing them to care for you as they grow old and patient.

Additionally, Islam has a starting point in being and Islamic ally believes that a person should act in such a way so that it does not destroy their life or anyone else’s life around them.
Asian cultures have largely stayed true to their traditions by not giving up on them completely if they are no longer practical however modern times have encouraged Asian people the type of culture from other countries where people get caught up in trends constantly changing the course of their original culture. In some cases, Asian women are given the freedom to choose.

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Assignment Activity 2: Explain the importance and the functions of different religions and culture

This assignment example shows the different religions and cultures that can be regional, local, temporal or functional. Religion may only be practiced by a particular people in a specific area at a specific time because of their culture.

For example, Buddhism is primarily practiced in Asian countries like Thailand and the Himalayan areas of Nepal where it was introduced around 500 BC. It has spread among many other countries as well but is not as popular elsewhere such as in the United States or Europe. Some religions have been practiced through history for millennia and others are more recent additions to religious practices.

Assignment Activity 3: Apply communication skills effectively in writing and conversation

What are the communication skills?
Non-verbal communication, active listening, paraphrasing, and using open questions. These skills can be applied to writing and conversation as well. Communication is not just about what you say but also how you listen and interpret your partner’s message.

For trainees in the field of engineering, developing good communication skills will make them better speakers and engineers who can easily work with others.

These five steps can be used to improve verbal public speaking or writing skills for communicators in any industry:

  1. Craft a clear outline
  2. Make direct eye contact
  3. Give a loud voice out
  4. Use lively gestures
  5. Practice on a daily basis by talking aloud or reading aloud

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The above assignment sample is based on MPU 3123 Islamic civilization and Asian civilization (titas) (Islamic civilization and Asian civilization)

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