ARK801 Advanced Construction II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK801 Advanced Construction II is an intensive, online course designed to inform and educate participants on the various aspect of advanced construction. This course provides a comprehensive overview of construction methods and processes, offering insight into the fundamentals of practical applications related to the field.

The course content is divided between theoretical framework and hands-on instruction, allowing students to gain real-world experience in all aspects of the trade. Whether you are interested in architectural design or asset management and surveying, this course offers the skills and knowledge required to excel in modern construction.

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On this platform, we will explore various assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Explain various advanced structural systems, construction methods, and materials for medium scaled and long-span buildings.

Advanced structural systems, construction methods, and materials are integral elements of the design and construction process for medium-sized and long-span buildings. Current research has revealed multiple solutions to the challenge of constructing such buildings, ranging from sophisticated concrete framed systems to innovative grid columns and hexagonal steel beams. Technologies such as formwork systems have enabled precast components to be produced consistently with high levels of quality.

Prefabricated modules can also take advantage of rapid installation times due to their already finished status at the start of field activities. These methods can also facilitate labor savings during the construction phase, with minimal onsite modification required for the successful completion of the project. By employing advanced structural design solutions, construction professionals can build strong structures with reliable and cost-competitive modern materials that meet both economic and aesthetic goals.

Assignment Brief 2: Propose various advanced constructional methods, materials, and environmental solutions that are suitable in varying design situations.

One of the most effective ways to increase sustainability and efficiency in construction is to utilize advanced methods and materials. This could include prefabricated materials, insulated panel systems, or structural steel components which are manufactured in plant settings, minimizing time and waste on-site. Additionally, the use of Procore or other project management software can help reduce human error and maximize efficiency by scheduling tasks in a more logical order.

Furthermore, specifying high-performance materials such as ENERGY STAR-rated windows or adequately insulating walls may help keep energy costs low while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to these measures, targeted vegetation, green roofs, and rainwater collection systems can be implemented depending on the design requirements of a given situation to help decrease surface runoff, manage stormwater pollution, and improve air quality.

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