ARK800 Design Thesis I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK800 Design Thesis I course is the perfect introduction to the design world. It provides students with an insight into the fundamentals of design theory, giving them an understanding of how to create projects that have a clear purpose and process. Through a variety of lectures, tutorials, readings, and project work, students learn the basics of written and visual communication and are able to get feedback from peers while developing their design ideas. It is sure to be a rewarding experience that will foster creative development as well as confidence in using new skills.

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Below, we outline some assignment tasks:

Assignment Task 1: Propose an Integrated schematic architectural solution for a medium-complexity project as a response to various design parameters.

When it comes to proposing an integrated schematic architectural solution for a medium-complexity project, there are a variety of design parameters that must be taken into account. An effective approach should use a combination of spatial layout, technical design, and aesthetic considerations to develop an efficient yet attractive architectural plan for the project.

Furthermore, the solution should consider local zoning regulations as well as sustainability best practices in order to achieve the greatest level of functionality possible. The final blueprint should also minimize costs while striving for maximum flexibility and appeal. All factors considered, such an integrated schematic architecture can prove to be a key element in realizing any given project’s goals successfully.

Assignment Task 2: Compose the presentation and model-making skills in the design solution.

Presentation and model-making skills are essential components of any design solution. A well-presented project coupled with a clear and logical demonstration of the idea being showcased will allow for a much more effective understanding of the design among others. Being able to clearly present ideas with physical, tangible representations can give an edge when communicating complex designs to clients, stakeholders, and other professionals in the field. When done correctly it can create a powerful impact while also providing a way to both realize and refine the client’s specific objectives. Model-making serves as an invaluable tool that allows all parties involved in the design process to efficiently work together in order to achieve the desired results.

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Assignment Task 3: Practice effective interpersonal and communication skills in design research.

Interpersonal and communication skills are essential skills for any designer or researcher to master in order to create an effective research project. Through both one-on-one conversations and surveys, proper conversational techniques can help you establish trust and rapport with your subject, thereby allowing the research to be conducted in a professional manner. Moreover, it is important to be able to ask thoughtful questions that will allow you to gain the right information.

Communication also comes in handy when summarizing the results of the research – a clear presentation of the data can help convince stakeholders of its value. Overall, utilizing effective interpersonal and communication skills will ensure your design research is comprehensive, comprehensive and actionable.

Assignment Task 4: Relate various aspects of the design process until the completion of the preliminary design stage.

Completing the initial design process is crucial in order to create a product that is well-designed and effective. It generally begins with a comprehensive research phase, which can include gaining information about similar products, observing how users interact with the item, and discovering any potential issues along the way. This data can then be used to come up with various concepts and multiple prototypes are usually made in order to test those concepts.

Finally, feedback from user testing is gathered and any changes necessary can be incorporated into the design before arriving at a preliminary plan for implementation. At this point, additional changes may need to be made as the product goes through development that leads to its completion.

Assignment Task 5: Formulate a preliminary design through the process of synthesizing of ideas derived from theories and contemporary issues.

In order to successfully formulate a preliminary design, it is necessary to delve into the depths of existing theories and contemporary issues. This can be an arduous yet rewarding process; by actively considering these various sources, one can develop an informed and imaginative plan for their project. To begin this process of synthesis, it is advisable to comprehend where individual thoughts come from, such as established knowledge or alternative perspectives.

With this in mind, taking the time to search widely for information and ideas will help bring clarity and focus to a design. Connecting outside influence with personal considerations in a way that intertwines current forces with a timeless vision can give rise to something truly remarkable.

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