ARK755 Architectural Research UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ARK755 Architectural Research course provides a great opportunity for Bachelor of Architecture students to explore their skills and interests in an academic setting. Participants will have the chance to improve their understanding of key research concepts while developing essential research competencies, preparing them to do well in later studies.

This course also provides the perfect platform for students to establish connections between research theory and practice through engaging lectures, projects, tutorials, and workshops. Furthermore, the course equips students with enough knowledge of both primary and secondary sources in order to formulate meaningful research questions and produce high-quality outputs.

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At this point, we have some assigned tasks for you to carry out:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the understanding of the role and application of research in the enhancement of the design thesis and dissertation proposal.

Through research, every design thesis and dissertation proposal can be enhanced to a great extent. Quality research is necessary for the development of any project, as it helps to create better designs and articulate credible theories. To ensure that effective research is conducted, it is important to decide the objectives of the study, the sources from where relevant information will be gathered, and what strategies should be put in place for data collection and analysis.

Furthermore, referencing correctly throughout the paper allows readers to connect to earlier studies related to the topic discussed and broadens their understanding accordingly. Overall, by having an accurate understanding of the role and application of research in improving these proposals, students can produce academic work that stands out amongst their peers.

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Assignment Task 2: Prepare an outline of a thesis project proposal founded on a theoretical framework and establishment of research design and strategy.

Preparing an outline of a thesis project proposal should begin with selecting the theoretical framework that best encapsulates and explains the dynamics of the research topic. Once done, it is important for researchers to identify and discuss the research design, methodology and strategy to be utilized in the research process. This will include outlining data collection techniques and identifying how each data point will be organized and analyzed to build toward a conclusion.

The outlined thesis project proposal should contain a clear road map for further research including details such as study duration, sample size, factors taken into consideration etc. It is paramount to pay attention to key elements of good scientific practice when constructing an outline of a thesis project proposal so that efficacy in obtaining meaningful results can be ensured.

Assignment Task 3: Critically debate the topical issues, research paradigm, and theoretical framework.

The importance of critically debating topical issues, research paradigms, and theoretical frameworks cannot be understated. As every idea carries with it an associated context and unique characteristics, any progressive conversation should include multiple perspectives between parties that have conducted the appropriate research or have solid insights into a certain topic. Without proper scrutiny, we could miss vital details and consequently develop incomplete theories or approaches.

Therefore, it’s essential to ensure the necessary open dialogue occurs before making conclusions – regardless of the desired outcome. To this end, each participant must maintain an accurate account of what has been said during such conversations and debate potential implications from all angles before drawing a final consensus.

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