ARK754 Integrated Building Services UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ARK754 Integrated Building Services course focuses on bridging the communication gap between architecture, engineering, and facility management disciplines. This course provides a comprehensive knowledge of mechanical, electrical, lighting, and façade systems in building design.

Students develop the skills and appreciation necessary to coordinate requirements from various disciplines, from fundamental system design to procurement and construction management. Through innovative teaching approaches and hands-on project exercises and site visits, students gain an understanding of the complexity of modern building projects.

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Here, we offer several assignment tasks for you to complete. These are as follows:

Assignment Task 1: Elaborate the understanding of an integrated building services system for a fairly complex building nature.

An integrated building services system for a fairly complex building nature is designed to provide reliable and efficient energy, water, security, fire safety, and other systems for the built environment. It typically consists of individual subsystems that operate together in an optimized manner with the objective of improving comfort levels, controlling costs, and supporting sustainability goals.

An integrated system leverages meaningful data to establish mutually beneficial relationships between the different service systems and enables one central application to monitor, control and reduce costs across all services. An effective integrated building services system helps manage resources efficiently, and reduces infrastructure requirements and operating costs while still providing high-level functionality in a controlled environment. All these benefits add up to a well-designed way of creating a pleasant living or working experience for occupants of the building nature.

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Assignment Task 2: Develop the application of an integrated building services system in the building.

Integrated building services aim to efficiently and effectively control a building by using building management system technology. Through this, heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting systems, water supply and many more aspects of a building are managed centrally. This allows for an improved user experience as occupants can be provided with more comfort and convenience.

For owners and operators, integrated building services enable remote control operations and the ability to monitor energy usage which can enable significant cost savings in the long run. Installing an integrated building services system entails careful planning at the design stage of a building project to ensure that it is able to satisfy all requirements. Appropriate expertise is required in order to both design and develop such systems meaning that only certified professionals should be employed in deployment.

Assignment Task 3: Compose integrated building services systems using appropriate architectural representations.

Integrated building services systems involve the application of various architectural representations in order to accurately design and develop such systems. Common representations used are as follows:

  • Functional diagrams – these show how different objectives of the system are achieved using connected components
  • Process diagrams – these outline specific processes that must be followed in order to complete certain tasks within the system
  • Data-flow diagrams – these illustrate how data moves between different parts of the system 
  • Object diagrams – these show how objects interact with each other and their relationship to one another in order to create a complete system
  • Component diagrams – these provide a visual representation of all components that make up an integrated building services system

By making use of the above architectural representations, it is possible to create an effective and reliable integrated building services system. This will help to ensure that occupants are provided with a high level of comfort, safety and convenience while also reducing operating costs for owners/operators.

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