ARK751 Advanced Architectural Construction I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK751 Advanced Architectural Construction I is an intensive 6-month course that introduces students to the foundations of architecture and building construction. With its progressive schedule, the course covers a wide range of subjects such as design principles, space planning, technical documentation, codes governing buildings, and sustainability integration. Every step of the way, our instructors will guide you through developing your skills in architectural design and construction.

By the end of this class, you will have a comprehensive understanding of building construction and be well-positioned for the rest of the course series. Whether it’s learning about sustainable material selection or offsite prefabrication techniques – you’ll be well-equipped to handle them all!

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In this article, we have outlined several assignment briefs for your consideration. Specifically, these are:

Assignment Brief 1: Explain various structural systems, constructional methods and materials for high-rise and long-span structures.

High-rise and long-span structures are incredibly complex projects, often requiring a robust selection of materials and systems to ensure their stability. Structural systems can range from extensive and tightly interconnected steel frames with columns and beams set in a rigid grid system, depending on a building’s primary function; stronger and stiffer frames tend to be used for offices as they tolerate increased loading. While precast concrete systems are most commonly utilized for industrial buildings or parking garages, other structural elements can include reinforced concrete slabs, load-bearing walls, timber or laminated veneer lumber frames, or trussed atria depending on the requirements of the structure.

In addition to a strong selection of constructional methods including cavity walling, in-situ casting, panelized framing, and space frames, appropriate surface finishing materials must also be employed such as cladding panels, bricks, or decorative stone facades – all withstanding extreme loads under wind pressure.

Assignment Brief 2: Propose various constructional methods and materials, and environmental solutions that are suitable in varying design situations.

When considering a variety of design situations, the selection of appropriate construction methods and materials is critical to the success of a project. Building systems within these contexts should be chosen to reduce the environmental impact of the building or structure while still offering effective performance. Utilizing timber, steel, masonry, and concrete are all viable constructive methods, depending on geographical considerations and economic benefits. Prefabricated components must also be taken into account, as their modular forms can prove advantageous in combination with offsite fabrication.

Sustainable building materials like engineered lumber products, insulated concrete forms (ICF), and other alternatives offer beneficial impact reduction when compared to traditional sources such as brick and mortar. The inclusion of these materials within an architectural foundation will allow for improved efficiency in construction, resulting in minimized timeframes with little disruption to surrounding environment climates.

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