AAR502 Asian And Islamic Architecture UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR502 Asian and Islamic Architecture are designed to provide an exciting introduction to the design aesthetics of these religions across various cultures. Delve into the spiritual, physical, and symbolic elements of Islamic, Chinese, Japanese, South Indian, Southeast Asian, and Indus Valley architecture and their associated sculptures and murals. Explore how religious devotion has been expressed in different spaces around the world throughout history and understand how current practices are blending with globalism.

Uncover craftsmanship that predates modern-day technology while also examining challenges faced by today’s architects merging ancient principles of design with technology or being asked to continue tradition without perpetuating outdated ideals. This course gives students a unique opportunity to further their appreciation of these architectonic legacies.

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In the following section, we will explore a few assignment briefs. Specifically, these are:

Assignment Brief 1: Explain the characteristics and architectural development of an ancient and traditional built form of Asian and Islamic architecture.

There are many traditional and ancient architectural styles that hail from Asia and the Islamic world. These buildings often feature intricate designs and beautiful ornamental features. One of the most striking characteristics of these structures is their use of geometry. This can be seen in the way they are designed with symmetrical patterns and repetitive motifs. Another key element of this type of architecture is the use of calligraphy.

This is often used to decorate buildings and add a sense of culture and history. Islam also played a role in the development of this style of architecture, as many of its influences can be seen in the way buildings are designed. Overall, these buildings are characterized by the unique design elements that set them apart from other types of architecture.

Assignment brief 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the development of Asian and Islamic architecture through various architectural representations.

Asian and Islamic architecture are attested through some of the most impressive and beautiful architectural representations in history. From the ancient Mayan temples of Central America to the treasured Taj Mahal in India, these architectures demonstrate a unique skill for utilizing natural resources and sacred symbolism to create grandiose masterpieces. Impressive feats such as the Great Wall of China and fusion architectures like those found throughout India perfectly exemplify how cultures were able to harmoniously combine their diverse identities into detailed works of art that still stand to this day.

In addition, these architectures often served more than just aesthetic purposes, they often designed efficient drainage systems and radiating internal floor plans that enhanced functionality and augmented longevity. Collectively, Asian and Islamic architecture demonstrates a remarkable finesse in design that facilitated both cultural enrichment and physical utility, achievement humans can appreciate even centuries later.

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