AAR501 Construction Technology II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR501 Construction Technology II is a course designed to help students gain an advanced understanding of the latest construction technologies available. This course aims to empower students with the tools and knowledge essential for managing complex construction projects and staying competitive in today’s ever-evolving industry.

Through countless case studies, presentations, and demonstrations, this course will equip you to also upgrade existing technological systems in a cost-effective way and make use of the latest digital tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). With access to modern resources, lectures by industry professionals and hands-on activities, AAR501 Construction Technology II will set up students with an invaluable skillset that builds the foundation for success in their professional careers.

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The following are our assignment activities:

Assignment Activity 1: Illustrate a basic understanding of the construction process involved in a typical timber building project.

Constructing a timber building is an intricate and involved process, which requires specialist expertise. A number of steps need to take place in order for a successful end product to be achieved, beginning with a survey of the site to ensure there are no conditions that could affect the project. Once suitable preexisting structures, access routes and other features have been identified, a design and plan of the build must be created that adheres to any relevant legislation and regulations.

Preparatory work then needs to be completed such as excavations, foundations, and drainage systems preceding construction via the method of choice – typically timber framework components with cladding attached on the outside – before internal fixtures and fittings are added including windows, doors, and staircases. Finally, buildings must be tested to meet standards in terms of safety, performance, and energy efficiency prior to the certificate of completion is issued. An understanding of this process is essential for any aspiring builders when undertaking a timber building project.

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Assignment Activity 2: Discuss the roles of various building trades in promoting sustainable timber materials.

Building tradespeople play an essential role in ensuring sustainable timber materials are used widely and responsibly. Carpenters, joiners, and timber framers take into account the source of the wood they use in construction, carefully assessing local resources. Plumbers and electricians will choose materials that require little energy to produce and package, reducing emissions nationwide.

Flooring specialists know the difference between hardwoods that come from sustainably-harvested sources and those which do not, promoting the former whenever possible. Ultimately, by taking responsibility for selecting sustainable materials throughout their work process, building tradespeople enable green building practices while also protecting our forests for generations to come.

Assignment Activity 3: Explain the constructional methods and usage of timber building materials that relate to small and medium-scaled buildings.

Timber building materials are an ideal choice for small and medium-scaled buildings due to their relative affordability, sustainability, and precision in construction. Building with timber involves cutting it into specific shapes and sizes according to the desired structure and joining them together through various methods such as nailing, screwing, and bolting. Combined with fireproofing treatments like charring or sealing with paint or varnish, they can provide adequate protection against fire.

They have excellent weather resistance which makes them ideal for outdoor constructions by providing environmental benefits such as reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Furthermore, they need little or no maintenance and can even be used in decorative works due to their beauty. In conclusion, timber is a highly versatile building material that offers numerous advantages when used in the construction of small and medium-scaled buildings.

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