AAR500 Design II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR500 Design II is an exciting course to get involved in. It emphasizes hands-on and analytical learning, allowing students to gain new skills in design principles and apply them directly. This course focuses on developing more complex concepts surrounding the basic mechanical design process. Students not only learn how to create simulated 3D models using powerful computer-aided design (CAD) software, but they also acquire intricate knowledge of structural theory, as well as material science and engineering applications.

With a strong emphasis on problem-solving, this course encourages creative thinking and offers great opportunities for self-directed exploration. AAR500 Design II is an insightful, meaningful journey for any student who wants to push their creativity and engineering knowledge further.

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The following are the assignment tasks:

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate the knowledge of functional elements and forms of creative design.

Drawing on its components of color, spacing, proportion, hierarchy, image, and typography, the creative design provides an invaluable toolset that is essential to any successful website or graphic design project. Utilizing these elements helps create visually appealing compositions that reinforce the company’s values and style while providing users with a clear message. When utilized properly, these functional elements can provide enhanced communication potential by adding context and meaning to content, helping to boost engagement with visitors.

Understanding the fundamentals of creative design allows professionals to recognize the effective placement of images and copy and maximize visual impact through features such as negative space. As such, knowledge of functional elements and forms in creative design continues to be paramount for anyone looking to achieve success in web or graphic design projects.

Assignment Task 2: Manipulate the presentation and model-making skills in design solutions.

Model-making and presentation are essential pillars in the design process and can be incredibly valuable tools in communicating a design brief. By mastering these skills, designers can accurately transmit their ideas to others with expertise, resulting in better outcomes for all stakeholders.

These techniques allow a project to become sufficiently developed to reach a successful completion, as well as illuminate potential issues early on in the process. Taking time to understand both the theoretical foundation behind these techniques, as well as their effective implementation, will enable a designer to create more assured solutions to contemporary design challenges.

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Assignment Task 3: Discuss the vocabulary and terminologies of the theory of proportions.

A thorough understanding of the theory of proportions requires a mastery of its various definitions, concepts, and vocabulary. Proportion is defined mathematically as an equation, or comparison, between two values expressed by a fraction, ratio or degree. This expression can exist as a similarity (if both terms are increased/decreased equally), a difference (if one term increases while the other decreases) or an opposition (if one term increases while the other decreases).

Both similar and different proportions categories can further be broken down into direct, inverse and part-to-part relations. Many textbooks provide diagrams that illustrate these classifications to help explain them more naturally. Ultimately, being acquainted with the proper terminology associated with this theory is key in order to master its complex subject matter.

Assignment Task 4: Propose an appropriate architectural design that reflects knowledge, vocabulary, and terminologies of the theory of proportion.

In architecture, the theory of proportion is based on the understanding that certain ratios and relationships between elements are more aesthetically pleasing than others. This can be seen in the Golden Ratio, which is often used in design because of its pleasing proportion. To create a design that reflects the knowledge, vocabulary and terminologies of the theory of proportion, I would recommend using geometric shapes and patterns that are in harmony with each other. The goal is to create a pleasing and balanced design that is based on the principles of proportion.

Assignment Task 5: Demonstrate an understanding of the integration of technical aspects (construction technology – material ) in design solutions.

The integration of technical aspects into design solutions is critical to ensuring that projects are completed successfully, with quality and safety as top priorities. In the construction industry, materials are an essential part of the process, as they provide the necessary durability and structure for any project. It is thus crucial to select the right materials for any particular job in order to ensure that the design and goals of a project are met.

A proficient technical understanding of building construction technology and materials helps professionals create designs that reach beyond simply meeting industry standards and will last for decades, allowing for satisfied clients who can realize the full potential of their investment.

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