ARK750 Advanced Design II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK750 Advanced Design II course is the perfect way to further develop your engineering skills. This course introduces principles and methods that can be used to design reliable, cost-effective systems in a wide variety of industries. It teaches advanced topics such as use case specification, system requirements and specifications, architecture development process, artifact creation, formal technical reviews and assessments, product testing strategies, and risk management and mitigation. Not only you will acquire the knowledge but students will have ample opportunity to practice by engaging in realistic projects while being guided professionally by experienced faculty.

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The following are some activities to consider for your next assignment:

Assignment Activity 1: Propose an integrated architectural solution in the high-rise building as a response to urban demands and corporate philosophy or other pertinent issues.

Providing a modern and innovative solution to any urban demands or corporate philosophies, an integrated architectural approach in the high-rise building creates an interdependent system of elements throughout the building. When approaching this project, the focus should be on integrating flexibility into each space in order to create a level of interactivity that helps users find creative solutions. It is also suggested to view various aspects of the building as parts of a unified whole.

Incorporating efficient materials and detailed technology into the planning process can ensure that every experience within the building is as effective and enjoyable as possible. Each design element works together to promote better overall functionality, optimum aesthetics, and improved sustainability for occupants.

Assignment Activity 2: Compose the presentation and model-making skills in design solutions.

Having strong presentation and model-making skills is essential for effective design solutions. Presentations help designers to showcase a particular project to potential clients, allowing them to articulate the ideas behind the design and capture their attention. Model making is an important tool that assists designers in visualizing projects so they can accurately convey the design solution to their clients or colleagues. With both of these skills, they are able to present their projects in a clear manner that allows both parties to understand the design intent, meaning better communication overall and more satisfactory outcomes.

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Assignment Activity 3: Practice effective interpersonal and communication skills in design research.

Design research plays a key role in the overall success of a project and communicating effectively is an essential activity. If done correctly, interpersonal and communication skills can help create an environment of collaboration and support which increases the chances of successful outcomes. Practicing effective communication involves active listening, paying attention to non-verbal cues, responding positively and appropriately to feedback, having meaningful conversations with stakeholders, and using the right tone when delivering information. As design researchers, it is important that we take the time to practice these skills in order to ensure our projects run as smoothly as possible while maximizing the value they bring.

Assignment Activity 4: Relate various aspects of the design process from inception to project completion in the architectural profession.

Designing a building from the beginning stages of planning to the final product is a multi-faceted process for an architect. The inception of the project often begins with presentations, sketches, and concept models that bring the ideas to life. During this stage, design principles and objectives are identified that help guide subsequent decision-making. As plans evolve further, attention shifts to structural and spatial considerations as well as materials selection and aesthetic details. Once all practical aspects of the design plan have been finalized, construction can begin.

An architect stays involved throughout the build-out period to ensure components are defined to specifications, adjusted accordingly if needed, and fit together properly once complete. While projects can range from small-scale renovations to complex renovation projects involving a host of professionals, an architect’s skill in navigating through design and technical decisions remains integral for successful outcomes for any size endeavor.

Assignment Activity 5: Formulate a high-rise building that considers the impacts on society, culture, economy and environment.

The high-rise building of the future must be designed in such a way as to incorporate the latest developments in sustainable design. It should take into account the economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts of its operation. Such an edifice should be engineered to maximize energy efficiency; for instance, it could draw on renewable sources such as wind and solar energy for electricity. The building material should be chosen according to its sustainability rating, utilizing products from recycled materials as much as possible.

Groundwater runoff can be managed through bioswales which not only channel water away from the building but also serve to purify it. From an aesthetic standpoint, landscaping around the building to add greenery is a must in order to reduce thermal energy impact and improve air quality. In conclusion, if we design with insight into all of these elements that affect society, culture, economy and environment, then we will have developed a high-rise structure that meets modern needs whilst being environmentally responsible.

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