MPU3223 Entrepreneurship Reflective Report Sample Malaysia

MPU 3223 entrepreneurship reflective report Sample Malaysia

This report sample will cover the MPU3223 Introduction of Entrepreneurship course. There are many misconceptions about entrepreneurship that this class hopes to dispel, and in order to do so, we have a few key points that need to be addressed.

First, entrepreneurs don’t always start out as entrepreneurs. They might just be employees who have a great idea for a product or service they want to develop and sell on their own time without having any boss telling them what to do.

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Second, entrepreneurship is not supposed to be easy; it’s hard work and often leads people down some difficult paths but if you’re willing to put in the work then it can lead you towards your dreams! Finally, all successful entrepreneurs share one thing perseverance.

Macro Environment Analysis of McDonald’s

In this report sample, we will be discussing the macro environment analysis of McDonald’s. This study has been done using the top-down approach where the macro environment is been examined in which McDonald examines

Demographic– McDonald’s demographics are the level of population growth, age, gender, and education patterns. With their famous Happy Meals, McDonald’s knows just how to keep the kids happy. The toy included in each box is a big deal for any kid who visits this iconic fast food joint- and it doesn’t matter what kind of meal they order.

To attract teenagers, McDonald’s has been aggressively pricing their products while also providing amenities such as Wifi.

As for the young adults, it offers coffee, these designs are clearly targeted at people belonging to various age groups, while other segment criteria are addressed by this framework.

Political – McDonald’s operates in over 100 countries and has grown to be an empire. The fast-food industry is constantly under attack for its contribution to obesity rates worldwide with many governments now pressuring restaurants like McDonald’s into compliance with regulations pertaining to health and hygiene. Recently tensions between Russia and America have escalated leaving room for concern that if relations continue this way then there may not even be a Russian market available where people can enjoy their favorite guilty pleasures from Mickey D’s such as fries or Big Mac sandwiches anymore.

Economics- McDonald’s is an international restaurant with ties to a hundred and more countries. These governments have different policies that McDonald’s must adhere to, such as regulations about health and hygiene or government pressure on fast food due to its links to obesity. These factors may affect the company in Russia since American relations are turbulent right now, which could put their ability to function at risk here.

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Improvements that can be made by McDonald to manage its macro environment 

This report sample shows what are the improvements that can be made by Mcdonald’s to manage the macroenvironment. One way that Mcdonald’s is attempting to reduce its carbon footprint is through the use of renewable energy. Current projects include partnering with wind farms in Texas and Colorado, installing solar panels on rooftops at restaurants around Maryland and California startup programs for universities such as Georgia Tech to enable campus stores to use solar energy for their electricity needs

The McDonald’s Corporation has invested in a variety of environmental and quality initiatives that have helped to improve both the company’s food production process, as well as its personal relationships. Along with many other businesses, such as Wal-Mart, General Mills, and Costco, McDonald’s has begun sourcing more products from countries like the United States in an attempt to stay local as well as receive fresh produce.

What I have learned from the Entrepreneurship course

Entrepreneurship is an art that has taught me a lot about myself. It’s not easy to see your own business through the eyes of others, but it is important if you want to succeed in this competitive world. I’ve learned that there are three main principles for success: hard work, determination, and perseverance. These have helped me become successful, as well as help my clients be successful too! I’ve also learned how important it is to find your niche and do what you’re passionate about because at the end of the day if you aren’t happy with what you’re doing then nobody else will be either!

The following is an overview of the lessons that I have learned over time:

  1. When launching a new venture, be careful not to underestimate your costs;
  2. It’s important to think about how much money you’ll need before starting your company and
  3. You should always make sure that there is enough cash on hand for any unexpected expenses. These may seem like simple things but they’re actually pretty important!

I’ve learned that there are three main principles for success: hard work, determination, and perseverance. 

How do I feel about my learning experiences from this Entrepreneurship course?

This report sample shows the experiences from the entrepreneurship course. I’m glad I enrolled in this course. The learning experiences from this Entrepreneurship course are amazing! The instructor is very knowledgeable, and the prices are so much more affordable than other courses in this area. I recommend anyone who is interested in starting their own business to take this class!
We have completed two lectures so far, the Prosperity in Entrepreneurship lecture series. In week one, we learned about how entrepreneurs accumulate wealth through different activities that make up an entrepreneurial “value chain” by identifying ways that all entrepreneurs can address opportunity gaps. We also discussed ways that some of these value chains may be commoditized and went over examples of what type of revenue opportunities exist within each of them.

What are my suggestions to improve the learning quality of this course?

The suggestion which I want to give on the basis of my research and whatever I have learned from this course:

1. Focus more on case studies

Case studies have been proven to be an effective way for business students to learn by analyzing past and present successes and failures. By studying these case studies, they may gain a better understanding of the methods that executives use when making decisions on issues such as operational hiccups.

2. Relate Curricula to Real-World Business Issues 

The 2008 mortgage crisis can be used as a real-life business challenge when discussing finance, quantitative easing, and other concepts to help students see the relevance of their studies.

3. Make Opportunities for Students to Participate in Social Entrepreneurship Contests

Some universities are starting to offer entrepreneurship contests. This includes both social entrepreneur competitions and tech startup ventures, which can be the perfect way for students enterprising minds, take a risk on something new and challenging while still receiving encouragement from their peers in college-aged years.

4. Invite Business Executives to Deliver Lectures

Universities must occasionally invite business executives to teach a full course, make a presentation, or share their experiences with students. The initiative has been successful so far because the information can be quickly absorbed and processed by the student body rather than reading it in textbooks that are often dense and hard to follow.

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