MPU3312 Malaysian Economy Assignment Sample

MPU 3312 Malaysian Economy assignment sample

This MPU3312 assignment sample provides an overview of the Malaysian economy with its economic interactions and policies. We will be discussing topics such as

The fundamental structure of the Malaysian economy, the government’s role in policy-making, sectors (agricultural vs industrial), and social issues like education and poverty which can affect these two aspects that correlate to labor force employment rates; finally, we’ll touch on Malaysia’s plan for a higher income country through different development programs including Iskandar NCER ECER SCORE SDC.

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Understand the Malaysia economic structure and its components

In this assignment example, students will understand the structure of the Malaysian economy and its components. The structure of the Malaysian economy includes key industries such as services, manufacturing, and oil & gas. This has led to its rapid development, providing Malaysia with a newly industrialized economic status in just two decades.

In terms of trade goods, it consists mainly of natural resources like crude petroleum and small electronics products for export purposes while reliant on imports for consumer goods.

What does this mean?
The rapid development that Southeast Asia experienced over the last few years has come at a considerable cost – there are indications that this growth pattern is unsustainable because it relies heavily on environmental pollution and exploitation. While Malaysia is no exception to these problems, they do provide one window into how a successful Southeast Asian country can achieve sustainable growth without sacrificing its people’s well-being.

The country has narrowed its economic base and its manufacturing sector to concentrate on services, agriculture, and natural resources. Its primary export is composed primarily of manufactured goods, natural resources, and semi-processed products.

This shift in emphasis brings with it new challenges as Eastern industrialized countries invest heavily in robotics and automation to counter rising labor costs with the result that Malaysia may have difficulty providing enough jobs for its own people in an era when there is intense pressure to provide employment opportunities for youth.

One of the most significant economic components in Malaysia is the Mining and Quarrying industry, which accounts for 9% of its national Gross Domestic Product or up to RM57 billion annually.

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Analyze the macro economy environment and social issues and the external factors in business decision making

This assignment sample helps students to recognize the macro economy which refers to the overall economic activity of a region, country, or world. The external factors that drive macroeconomics are those that pertain to an economy but originate outside of it.

This typically includes international trade and commerce, international investment and lending initiatives, and global currency flows such as in foreign exchange markets.

Businesses need to think about at least five major macro factors before making decisions. These factors are Employment, Inflation, Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange rates, and Political Stability. Changes in these factors can cause significant changes in the profitability of the company.

  • Political change can also affect business significantly because it influences taxation and trade rules. For example, Trump’s election led to the unpredictability that companies struggled with trying not to negatively impact employees or economic growth for long-term priorities like tax reform.
  • Externalities also have a huge impact on businesses not only because they affect their competitors but also due to indirect costs that an externality might impose on your business such as low-quality products from China or being exposed to natural disasters like hurricanes.

Evaluate the roles of the government and its plans and policies for economic development and its impact on Malaysian competitiveness

This assignment sample shows the government’s intentions to make Malaysia one of the world’s top 10 economies by the year 2022, hence increasing its competitive advantage as a country and improving the welfare of Malaysians. With an inclusive approach to economic growth, the government is trying to raise quality standards of living for every Malaysian citizen with targeted plans like Education for All.

There are various policies in place -both from APK (1Malaysia Development Bhd) and the private sector- such as the 1M Jumpstart Training Program that helps in boosting up Malaysia’s international competitiveness and position it as a preferred talent destination amongst other countries. These schemes have aimed at enhancing competencies in areas like higher education, e-learning, and science & research.

The role of the government in promoting Malaysian competitiveness is crucial. The success will depend on how well it can integrate critical components that are necessary for sustainable development (economic policies), manage social inequalities (policies for economic distribution), and improve human resources (investment in health care).

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