MPU3412 Co-curriculum assignment Example Malaysia

MPU 3412 Co-curriculum assignment sample Malaysia

In this MPU3412 assignment sample, Students will have a chance to improve their skills and knowledge in different areas when they are taking part in events on campus or outside.

This way, students can practice effective communication skills both verbal and written while also developing their managerial abilities under the guidance of faculty members who often take charge as organizers for these kinds of activities.

University students will have the opportunity to hone their skills in event management and leadership, while also increasing awareness of lifelong learning.

They’ll do this by joining a variety of outdoor sports activities that feature educational soft-skill improvement programs such as effective communication techniques and managerial training.

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Assignment brief of MPU3412 Co-curriculum Module 

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions given by us.

Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment task1: Demonstrate a high level of discipline and adhere to rules and regulations

This assignment sample shows discipline which must be there in the students. In order to be a successful college student, it is important to maintain dedication and discipline. This means making time for classes, having a healthy diet, as well as keeping an organized planner that includes when assignments are due.

Above all else, being disciplined also means not procrastinating on a task at hand. You can keep a good GPA by following these steps so that you will be able to continue with your education in the future without losing out on experiences or opportunities.
Other responsibilities include adhering strictly to campus rules of etiquette such as arriving early for class instead of waiting until the last minute or selling study aids online without authorization from the bookstore manager.

Thin discipline is the ability and willingness to stay focused on a certain task or regulation for a specific duration. There are many ways people demonstrate discipline, but whether you’re an athlete, artist, or just someone that aims to have self-discipline all boils down to consistency with what is expected.

An example of how this can be applied in life would be when one focuses on returning items from the grocery store before they exit, and also turning lights off when exiting rooms. Amazingly every person has their own way of doing things so there’s no “right way” about it; research suggests that successful individuals do whatever is necessary for them personally in order to make themselves feel more in their control.

Assignment task 2: Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively through participation in activities organized

In this assignment example, students will be able to communicate by anticipating social activities, to communicate effectively through participation in activities, the active members of a group will feel effective and accomplished.

These feelings lead to more engagement with the community and positive cognitive evaluations of their environment. This increase in belongingness will lead to increased trust between people, thus increasing communication within the group.

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The theory is that membership leads to the cultivation of self-love and empathy, which can then be extended outwards into mutual understanding. Groups that have been working together for a long time enjoy benefits like increased resource distribution among unequals, decreased stress level for all participants (sometimes even down to natural pain reduction), reduced prejudice against other groups without having just interacted with them before membership is strong small communities; therefore it’s easy for them to deal with.

The way that we communicate with others- verbally and nonverbally- conveys our thoughts, emotions, desires, needs, and level of certainty. Each person is unique in the ways they talk about these internal states and how they are communicated externally.

Improve your communication skills with these helpful tips.

  • First, find an internet connection – it’s difficult to communicate without one.
  • Second, practice describing what you want to say in English instead of trying to translate what you are saying.
  • Third, for any doubts about the conversation, use simple words and let them know you don’t know the word they’re using. Okay?
  • Fourth, make sure that people can hear by speaking louder, and if not try whispering or even putting your hand on their shoulder in order for them to hear more clearly.

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The above assignment sample is based on the MPU3412 Co-curriculum assignment.

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