MPU3173 Malaysian Studies 3 assignment sample malaysia

MPU3173 Malaysian Studies 3 assignment sample malaysia

The assignment sample seeks to study and comprehend Malaysia from a multidisciplinary perspective, i.e. principally the historical, the sociological, and the political. In so doing assignment sample discusses the information of Malaysian society such as Malay culture–the cultures that are present before British colonization in 1876; pluralism or diversity- which is what distinguishes this country by having more than one cultural group who inhabit within its borders; current issues like Islamization (i.e., Islamic fundamentalists) where some fear for their democratic rights being taken away if Sharia law becomes too predominant in government decisions relating to personal matters between Muslims citizens

The assignment example seeks to explore different perspectives on contemporary issues facing Malaysians through history’s progression.

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Malaysia is a fascinating country with diverse rulers, cultures, and landscapes. This class will delve into the history of Malaysia from its first empires to today’s modern nation-state. We’ll also explore how this region has grown in terms of sociology and politics as well as anthropology and geography.

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Assignment activity 1: Explain Malaysia’s history and society

This solved assignment discusses Malaysia’s history and society,
Malaysia’s history and society are strongly influenced by the British, Indian, Chinese, and European cultures. Malaysia has been colonized since 1786 but its independence was officially declared in 1957.

A few days later, Malaya gained independence from the United Kingdom on August 31st. However, there were a few crucial moves made to bring about this change in government which I would like to mention because they have shaped much of Malaysia’s current culture and society.

Malaysia is one of the world’s most multi-cultural societies and, as such, has a host of ethnic and religious denominations. The country is on the larger side geographically; it includes both Peninsular Malaysia, which makes up 77% of its area (England would fit inside three times) wrapped around by Thailand to the north and west with Singapore due to become part of Malaysia by 2020 thanks to a redrawing treaty between the countries.

Assignment activity 2:Discuss the development of society in sense of politics, economy, and socio-culture

There is an interconnected development of society in sense of political economy and socio-culture. They are the three fundamental elements that make up any kind of civilization.

  • Politics deals with the structure and process under which people occupy meaningfully governed space;
  • Economy defines how people facilitate their material needs through division of labor, or basically how people organize themselves for production and distribution, social relations;
  • And lastly, culture shapes morals, ethics, and ideologies that underpin guiding forces in any kind of society
    As we stand today, these three elements have been deeply impacted by the information revolution or the digital age if you will – as to a lesser degree by a demographic turnover from the industrial era to the post-industrial age.

Assignment activity 3: Describe the main components of the system and the military administration of the country

The assignment sample discusses the components that are the Supreme Council, the King, the National Security Council on which the Prime Minister and Army Commander-in-Chief sit as executive members.

In addition to intelligence chiefs from various agencies. The purpose of this body is to scrutinize any security or national threat that may result in instability within Malaysia’s Political Development Plan. Accused individuals will be tried only if there is sufficient evidence against them through a tribunal organized by their original agency (i.e., police) with secret proceedings to ensure the protection of witnesses and possible prosecution. If a person is sentenced to death or life imprisonment during such a hearing, they can appeal for clemency to the King (Majesty).

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Assignment activity 4: The history and the political process in achieving Independence

This assignment sample explains the history and political process. The Federation of Malaysia was created on 16 September 1963 and it integrated with Malayan Union, Singapore, Sabah (former British protectorate), and Sarawak (former British colony).

The bilateral partnership turned to multiparty democracy through the Malaysian general election in 1964. In 1982, under Mahathir Mohamad’s Second Administration, Islam has declared a state religion under Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution as well as other measures including the Islamicization of various aspects of national law.

From that point onwards until 2003 when Abdullah Badawi became prime minister during General Elections in March 2003 pursuant to the president’s favorable decision by opposition parties who withdrew their nomination for Chief Minister post to ensure the success of the Barisan Nasional coalition government.

Assignment activity 5: Describe key government policies and their contribution to national development

This assignment sample elaborates government policies to contribute to national development which are:
1) The National Industrial Policy 1988
2) Economic Planning Unit 1988
3) New Economic Policy (NEP), 1967
4) The Malaysian Model of Welfare, 1990-1998.
5) Vision 2020 and Malaysia Plan 2012-2020.
6) Bumiputra discount policy 1966.
7) In 1996, the government waived import duties on all consumer goods except rice to attract more employment and investment;

In 1998, the list was extended to include wheat flour, sewing machines, and steel products; in 2008 the waiver includes goods that are included under the Comprehensive Preferential Trade Agreement (CPA). With these exclusions from the CPA agreement since 2013 3rd countries enter into to compete with weevils.

Assignment activity 6: Analyze Malaysia’s roles and contributions in the international arena

This assignment sample discusses Malaysia’s role in the international arena has been severely undermined by the intrusion of external forces, and the intent of our politicians in bringing about such happenings. Our nation now possesses potential which is comparable to that of nations with much more limited resources but is able to remain a relevant power because they have not succumbed to the temptations created by a capitalist system.

Malaysia’s geographical location provides it with numerous advantages as it stands at one end of an economically thriving Asia while possessing excellent resource capabilities for industrialization; all this without having been subjected to Western imperialism or any form of interference that would compromise our sovereignty. At this point in time, we possess successful steps taken after achieving independence.

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The above assignment sample is based on MPU3173 Malaysian Studies 3.

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