BGN182 Construction Materials II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BGN182 Construction Materials II course is a great opportunity for any aspiring construction engineer to further their education in the field. During this course, students will gain a wide range of knowledge related to the selection and use of materials and systems in building construction practices. They will explore types of concrete as well as metal, wood, masonry materials and assemblies.

Non-structural components such as sealants, finishes, adhesives and glazing components will be covered by the course. Not only will they learn the theoretical basis behind these materials but also experiment with their uses. Upon completion of this course, students can confidently choose and apply the right material in specific contexts while making informed decisions based on studying available alternatives.

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In the following, we will explore numerous assignment briefs. Here is a closer look at what they entail:

Assignment Brief 1: Explain the various types and characteristics of materials in construction.

The construction industry uses a wide variety of materials in order to create structures that are strong and safe. Commonly used materials include wood, concrete, steel, cement, and plastic. Each material has its own characteristics which makes them better suited for certain applications. For example, wood is lightweight and easy to shape, making it great for constructing furniture.

Conversely, concrete is extremely sturdy, making it ideal for building foundations or floors that must support significant weight. Steel provides large-scale structural strength so it is often found in skyscrapers and bridges. Additionally, cement provides adhesion to bind materials together and plastic can be used as insulation to reduce heat loss from buildings. Ultimately, the best choice of material depends on the structure’s purpose and the environment that it will exist within.

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Assignment Brief 2: Explain the sequence of steps in the manufacturing process of the materials in construction.

In order to create the building materials used in construction, a comprehensive series of steps is necessary. The process typically starts with the gathering of raw materials such as clay, sand and limestone which are combined and heated at high temperatures. Once the base ingredients are heated and formed into a paste, they may be molded into certain shapes or sent through an extruder machine depending on the type of material being created.

After forming the material into its necessary shape, it is then kiln fired, mechanically strengthened if applicable and coated with sealant for additional durability. Different materials require different processes to create a finished product that can be used in construction from structural beams, to bricks and insulation panels. Through this process, a highly durable material suitable for building homes, structures and more can be achieved.

Assignment Brief 3: Report verbally and in writing the manufacturing process and the applications of materials in construction.

Reporting verbally and in writing the manufacturing process and applications of materials in construction is essential for any project. Knowing which type of material is best suited for a particular project will determine its ultimate success. That is why it is important to understand the processes that materials undergo during their manufacture—things like shaping, smelting, grinding, hardening and pressing are all part of the material’s manufacturing process.

Additionally, research into how different materials can be applied in construction will provide valuable insight into optimizing production processes and ensuring safety regulations are adhered to. In summary, it is critical to assess the overall qualities and characteristics of materials before making decisions about their use in construction projects.

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