BGN163 Site Surveying II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BGN163 Site Surveying II is an invaluable course for any aspiring civil engineer. This course helps develop the skills and knowledge necessary to survey a proposed or existing land area, including construction stakeouts, topographic surveys, aerial photography, and geoprocessing. You’ll gain experience in the use of total station surveying equipment as well as real-world visualization techniques.

From traditional methods to advanced technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS) and remote sensing data products, this course will give you the edge when it comes to surveying!

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In this section, we discuss some assignment briefs. These are:

Assignment Brief 1: Determine the principles and calculation of land surveying techniques and applications in site surveying.

Surveying is the process of measuring and mapping boundaries, land elevations, and other phenomena on or over the surface of the earth. Land surveying involves the use of sophisticated technology that includes global positioning systems (GPS), aerial photography, satellite imagery, and laser scanning. Through detailed measurements taken from multiple locations, land surveyors are able to accurately pinpoint physical features such as buildings, fences, roads, bodies of water, tree lines, radio towers and topographic features like hills and valleys.

A main principle of site surveying is to locate objects using a distinct location within a given area; this location can then be referenced for more accurate data collection. Additionally, land surveys help those constructing new buildings understand the complexities of the land they’re working with – determining if anything will interfere with construction plans – so they can plan accordingly while meeting building safety regulations. Data collected through land surveying serves as the foundation for many aspects of civil engineering and architecture projects.

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Assignment Brief 2: Identify the problems in data collection related to site surveying.

Site surveying presents numerous challenges for data collection. Most notably, there is the difficulty of accurately replicating conditions from one survey to the next and ensuring that the same data points are consistently measured. Natural externalities like weather, nearby construction and technological issues can all affect results, making it difficult to obtain meaningful and consistent information. Furthermore, variables such as timeframes continually change, posing further complications. Ultimately, these drawbacks have a significant impact on data accuracy and require careful consideration when conducting site surveys in order to produce accurate readings.

Assignment Brief 3: Complete the report writing by interpreting the data of land surveying procedure and calculation in site surveying.

Following the careful land surveying procedure and calculation, the data interpretations have been compiled into a comprehensive report to provide accurate results. The data gathered from the survey site can be utilized to understand how specific terrain affects physical planning or engineering works.

In addition, this report can also help determine any potential stakeholders for certain ventures related to the surveyed area. Rigid regulations were ensured throughout the entire surveying process in order to obtain reliable information and complete the necessary documentation with utmost precision and professionalism.

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