BGN172 Structural Analysis UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BGN172 Structural Analysis course is ideal for students wanting to gain knowledge and industry insight into structural analysis, from fundamental principles of statics through to solving complex elastic problems in building structures. Experts within this field will share their knowledge and skills in order to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts necessary for the design of safe and economical structures.

You will gain a holistic perspective of structural behavior and develop problem-solving skills in learning about analytical solutions, experiments and numerical techniques. With the focus being on developing your proficiency in carrying out practical analysis, be sure that by completing this course your understanding of this area will be greatly increased!

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Here are the activities you’ll be required to complete for this assignment:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the relationship of stress, strain and elasticity and bending stress, shear stress in structural analysis.

Stress, strain and elasticity go hand-in-hand in structural analysis. When a force of stress is applied to an object, it can cause stretching, compressing or bending; this phenomenon is known as strain. Depending on the material’s ability to return to its original shape after being stretched or compressed, it can be classified as elastic or non-elastic.

A body with elastic properties is able to create an opposing force and restore itself to its original shape when removed from stress. In terms of bending stress, shear stresses occur when an object has two parts along a vertical plane that move towards and away from each other. To measure the behavior of materials under these forces, scientists need knowledge of stress vs strain relations to complete their analyses and make sure the material will hold up under certain circumstances and perform optimally.

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Assignment Activity 2: Perform a mathematical equation and structural theory of deflection for beams and pre-stressed concrete beams in structural analysis.

The structural analysis involves the use of mathematical equations and structural theories to calculate deflections in beams or pre-stressed concrete beams. Using these equations, engineers can identify bending moments and shear forces which are generated by loads that act on the beam. From there, they can determine what type of redistribution of load will help reduce deflections in order to develop a structurally sound design. Performing this analysis is essential for ensuring the safety of any structure, as it ensures that the desired level of strength is achieved as intended.

Assignment Activity 3: Analyse factors of safety of gravity wall and forces in indeterminate beams in structural analysis.

When it comes to structural analysis, safety is a priority. Therefore, the analysis of factors of safety for gravity walls and indeterminate beams is an important task for engineers. Gravity walls rely on their own weight plus any anchor or other support provided to provide stability and prevent failure. In order to ensure the appropriate level of safety with gravity walls, the soil type that supports them must be properly tested. Indeterminate beams are those with more than two strong forces acting upon them; this requires careful analysis of both static and dynamic forces acting on the beam in order to ensure that correct factor of safety is achieved.

Thankfully, advancements in mathematics and computer technology have enabled much more efficient means of calculating these factors of safety which allow us greater confidence when designing structures involvingthese components.

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