BGN214 Building Construction III UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BGN214 Building Construction III course is a great way to learn the knowledge and practice of proficient construction. It is designed to teach students the elements, materials, and methods used in the construction industry. In this course, you will explore various topics such as site exploration and preparation, frame construction, roofing materials, fireproofing and protection, lift systems and more.

You will gain an understanding of building construction principles and create detailed drawings that can be easily implemented by contractors. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of professional building practices used in civil engineering and project management.

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Here, you will find the following tasks for your assignment:

Assignment Task 1: Identify the types and methods of building finishes and external works in building construction.

Building finishes and external works are essential components of the construction process. They consist of a variety of materials and processes, such as plasterboard, tiles, insulation systems, roofing materials, and paving. The methods used to complete building finishes and external works vary depending on the type of project. For example, installation of finishes may involve painting walls with brush or roller techniques; applying metal lath; installing tiles with adhesives; laying carpets; or polishing floors with gridless compounds.

External works can include drainage systems for surface water runoff; brickwork for ornamentation purposes; installation of fencing or gates for security purposes; external cladding such as weatherboards and fasciae coverings; and landscaping elements like stepping stones, mulch beds, and garden features. By working in tandem with other tradespeople during the construction process, qualified professionals ensure that all necessary building finishes and external works are safely installed to the highest standards.

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Assignment Task 2: Report in writing the types and methods of building finishes and external works in building construction.

When it comes to building finishes and external works in construction, there are multiple types and methods that need to be considered during the building process. Finishes typically refer to things such as floorings, and claddings for walls, windows and external doors, whereas external works generally consist of paths, boundaries, driveways and gardens. In terms of the type of building finish or external work chosen, this is usually selected depending on the size and nature of a project.

Most recently, trends such as sustainability and energy efficiency have also become increasingly important when selecting materials for both finishes and external works. Ultimately though, construction professionals must ensure that all materials used are consistent with relevant health & safety regulations as well as secured for longevity purposes.

Assignment Task 3: Prepare the basic architectural drawing based on the project by using software in building construction.

Preparing the basic architectural drawing for a building construction project can be achieved using the software. This often begins by surveying the area in order to establish precise measurements, which then allow for an accurate dimensional design to be formed. Furthermore, using an appropriate software program will help to render the desired results in a visually captivating way, allowing you to better communicate your masterpiece design.

The combination of modern engineering and drafting technologies helps to increase efficiency while maintaining accuracy throughout the entire process – resulting in a dynamic and successful structure.

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