BGN223 Building Services Engineering I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BGN223 Building Services Engineering I course is a great way to get an introduction to the basics of building services engineering. Focusing on design and core principles, the course covers critical topics such as system evaluation and selection, management of resources and installation practices.

Students will gain a strong grounding in fundamental engineering concepts that can be applied to work within the construction, building management and engineering consultancy sectors. With activities such as practical workshops, industry site visits and external lectures from professional engineers, this course truly provides a comprehensive insight into the world of building services engineering.

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Here, let’s analyze a few assignment activities. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the types of water supply, sanitation, drainage and sewerage systems, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning system in building services engineering.

Building services engineering involves the utilization of numerous systems to support and maintain a safe, comfortable, and functioning space. This includes water supply, sanitation, drainage and sewerage systems, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems. In terms of water supply, this system is designed to bring clean, potable water from various external sources into the building for all occupant’s internal needs. Sanitation systems involve proper waste disposal with exit points for eliminating waste safely outside the building.

Drainage and sewerage systems are responsible for directing gray water away from the building premises as well as sewage capture for those buildings connected to a centralized wastewater system. Finally, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems ensure optimal air quality within the building by circulating air through filters and cooling or heating it when necessary. All of these work together to ensure that building services engineering is optimized toward increasing occupant comfort levels in any given structure.

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Assignment Activity 2: Distinguish the installation method and operation in water supply, sanitation, drainage and sewerage, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning system in building services engineering.

In building services engineering, water supply and sanitation systems refer to the plumbing systems that bring potable water into a building, while the drainage system is a closed circuit of pipes and fittings used to carry wastewater away from the building. Furthermore, sewerage is a network of pipes connected to both street drainage systems and water supply networks.

On the other hand, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems are designed to create comfort levels within indoor spaces by introducing fresh air into the space while simultaneously removing stale air. Installation and operation of these services typically involve civil engineers drawing on their expertise in mathematics, science and engineering principles such as mechanics and hydraulics when selecting suitable materials for each system. Ultimately, engineers use an intricate process of calculations to determine how the components should be placed together for optimal efficiency.

Assignment Activity 3: Report verbally the relation of the systems in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations in building services engineering.

The systems in building services engineering must be reported on in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations. Verbal communication is key as decisions based upon regulatory requirements need to be made onsite to ensure that the building meets both current and future requirements.

Requires someone with expert knowledge of the systems in a building, who is able to provide reliable advice and up-to-date information in order to meet either existing or anticipated circumstances. It is essential that an expert opinion is taken when reporting verbally the relation of systems in building services engineering; they provide invaluable advice while ensuring all certification complies with applicable laws and regulations.

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