BGN233 Builders Quantities And Estimating I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BGN233 Builders Quantities And Estimating I course is an introductory-level class at college. It covers a wide range of topics related to the field of building and construction, such as project management principles, methods of measuring and calculating materials, techniques used to produce estimates on construction costs, and more.

Working through the program not only helps students gain theoretical knowledge but also to develop practical skills in problem-solving. Enrolling in this course can be the start of their successful careers in the industry, so students are encouraged to take full advantage of this great learning opportunity.

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In this lesson, we will explore a few assignment briefs. These consist of:

Assignment Brief 1: Apply the technique of measurement for building works.

When it comes to building works, proper measurement techniques are essential for successful completion and accuracy. Without the correct measurements, projects can become costly or lead to issues in the future due to incorrect sizing of the elements.

Utilizing measurement techniques like triangulation and taping helps ensure that all points of a structure line up as expected and that it is within the necessary ranges for quality assurance and safety guidelines. Investing in reliable tools and putting in the time necessary to precisely confirm each detail of a project yields positive results throughout its entire lifespan.

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Assignment Brief 2: Demonstrate ethics and value in estimating the building materials, labor, plant, and equipment for building works.

A key factor in estimating building works is the implementation of ethics and values. This includes taking an honest, reliable approach while accurately measuring the materials, labor, plant, and equipment needed for the job. Doing so leads to a more successful project as stakeholders will feel confident in the estimates given and trust decisions made by those involved in the project.

Estimators should organize their calculations carefully, avoid possible mistakes or underestimating costs and use quality products that serve the purpose at hand. Estimators should also remain aware of any changes to exterior circumstances such as taxes or prices over the course of a project to ensure accurate budgeting, ensuring that construction projects are completed on time and with attention to detail.

Assignment Brief 3: Display the skills of measuring the quantities from work below the lowest floor finishes to the superstructure for building works.

Measuring the quantities from work below the lowest floor finishes to the superstructure for building works requires strong technical proficiency and knowledge. Not only must the measurements be precise, but accurate cost estimates are needed prior to proceeding with any work.

The ability to accurately price materials and labor for multiple levels of complexity is an invaluable skill set in this line of work, as it can make all the difference when competing for projects. Consequently, having solid measuring and pricing capabilities will help to display an impeccable level of expertise in this area.

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