CSC034 Fundamentals Of Information And Communication Technology Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC034- Fundamentals Of Information And Communication Technology Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This assignment example is designed to help students understand the fundamentals of computer and how it has become an integrated part of society. Students will also be able to identify current trends in Industry Revolution 4.0 on managing Data, Cloud Computing, and Interactive Multimedia Applications as well as computing security and ethics that are becoming increasingly important with technology advancements. The hands-on experience offered through this class can prepare people for a variety of jobs such as web developers or software engineers just by understanding these emerging concepts!

This course is designed for those who want to learn more about computers because they are quickly becoming vital components in everyday life; from personal use at home all the way up until public usage at work environments where you might need time off when your computer crashes.

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Assignment brief of CSC034- Fundamentals Of Information And Communication Technology

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us. Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment activity 1: Perform verbal communication skills through Information Communication Technology (ICT) project.

Performing communication skills through Information Communication Technology is a growing trend in the workplace, as more and more people are using email to interact with coworkers.
For certain jobs, this may not provide an effective solution, but for the majority of jobs that involve only short messages and emails, it can be very helpful.

For example: Managing a project requires communicating with different members of your team about their progress on various aspects of the project. It might be easier to create a group email thread to talk about these aspects rather than have long conversations back and forth on other forms of technology like chat groups or phone calls.

Perform verbal communication skills through Information Communication Technology.

What are the three primary concerns people have when they use IT for public speaking?

  • The first concern is the quality or clarity of sound (for face-to-face presentations).
  • The second is distortion introduced as a result of encoding and digitizing audio signals.
  • The third is the high cost of building voice recognition software, something that’s not necessary for other types of presentations that use markers and notes on paper.

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Assignment activity 2: Perform leadership skills through Information Communication Technology (ICT) project

Leadership skills such as decision making, hiring, computer information systems are not limited to development and security, a delegation of responsibilities may be exercised through the use of more sophisticated forms of Information Communication Technology. The technologies made available with these increases in communication and computing power usable choices methods for its application.

Care should be taken at all times to ensure that social norms are being observed when using new technologies such as cyberbullying or ethical hacking techniques. Violating ethical codes will have consequences and a person’s success can only come from their dedication to understanding others’ needs and respecting the widest range of ways in which people feel they must live their lives in order to be happy.

Assignment activity 3: Demonstrate the use of productivity software in producing information

The use of productivity software (such as Microsoft Word) in producing information is a good way to help children develop their literacy skills.

Since the purpose of many words that are not considered final can be inferred by looking at information around them, children should be encouraged to explore with productivity software before they learn how to read and write. Through this exploration of shapes, colors, and sounds, children should gain an appreciation for ‘reading’ without there ever being any formal instruction about the process. This exploration will also encourage awareness and sharpness in early language development that will last throughout life. Children mimic what they see so it’s important for parents or caregivers to provide examples sometimes too – just like we do when we model another task or sentence.

Naturally, the principal utility is that productivity software may be used to make information production less of a burden.

However, it’s important to remember that all software tools come with their own sets of limitations. For example, merely using word processing or spreadsheet programs can lead to shortfalls in formatting or typesetting consistency. When one adds in other contributing elements such as graphics and embedded video content (e.g., vlogs), the need for an integrated digital platform becomes quite clear–a publish-ready website alone won’t cut it because users will be faced with formatting inconsistencies across media types and from page-to-page on their site.

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