CSC098 Foundation Computing I Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC098- Foundation Computing I Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This assignment sample is based on The Foundation Computing I course which is designed for entry-level computer science students who are entering tertiary education. It teaches basic knowledge of computers, the Internet, communication, and networking as well as general-purpose and engineering application software in a logical progression arranged to suit different learning styles and varying levels of preparedness.

The purpose of this assignment sample is to produce students with knowledge and skills in computer technology that will allow for long-term retention throughout their future studies. This goal can be accomplished through the guidance methods, hands-on exercises, and classwork provided by our curriculum.

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By the end of this assignment sample, they are expected to have acquired a good understanding of how computers work as well as using them effectively in respective fields like engineering or medicine.

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In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
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Assignment task 1: Differentiate between traditional and contemporary computing in producing information

This assignment example discusses the difference between traditional and contemporary computing in producing information.

  1. Traditional computing is what we are used to hearing of in the popular media, but contemporary computing has mostly been under research and development.
  2. Traditional computing processes information by assigning a binary number to each yes or no answer that is logged in. The contemporary computer assigns text (letters) or images as answers and attaches them to a question posed by users.
  3. Traditional computers store on discs and modern ones on hard drives – storing everything until it is needed. Contemporary computers send data through wires to be stored in “the cloud,” all the time demanding bandwidth for every second it generates data/information.
  4. Information is produced in traditional computing through the sequencing computer code, which when executed and sent into the next stage of processing on a machine’s central processor gives information to users. Whereas in contemporary computing, information is stored in memory as data records that can be accessed by many processes or algorithms with a packet switch.

Assignment task 2: Display the use of open-source computer software and hardware in activating robotic movement

This assignment sample illustrates the use of open-source computer software and hardware in activating robotic movements. Many companies have started to use open-source software and hardware in activating robotic movement, Malaysia is one of them. With their innovation, they are able to produce quality robotics at a fraction of the original cost which is being used extensively in our factory and agriculture sectors.

It helps to reduce the operational expenses because it doesn’t require proprietary software or hardware anymore. No wonder businesses are looking at an open-source solution for all sorts of automation requirements nowadays!

Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with automated machines that can sense and handle without any assistance. This is a fashionable subject these days, as there are many different types of movements to be considered. For example:
1) Motorized movement
2) Movement activated by light or heat
3) Temporary motion using servos for actuation
4) Permanent motion using electronics, motors, and complex software
5) Micro/Nanorobots for medical applications such as in surgeries, drug delivery, or imaging (imaging not limited to conventional human imaginations).

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Assignment task 3: Demonstrate social skills and responsibility in community service through sharing knowledge of using productivity software

The assignment example discusses the productivity software which is an important tool that will not only help you make better use of your time, but also improve your focus. A lack of a properly utilized tool like this can easily lead to procrastination and distractions.

Productivity software includes any device or app designed to help organize tasks, increase productivity, and reduce time spent working on unnecessary tasks—or at least ensure those not-so-necessary tasks are well managed in the first place. The benefits of incorporating productivity software are more than just maximizing free time; it will also grant you access to new tools that might have never been otherwise learned about had work restraints prevented further self-development in other areas. Given these upsides, teams with employees using productivity software experience less downtime.

Software for smartphones, tablets, and computers has enabled us to stay more connected than ever. It’s a great way to keep up with friends or family members’ lives without the need for phone calls. So which productivity app should you download? There are tons of options out there in the form of both free and paid apps; however, it is best not to make your selection based on price but instead consider how it will help you meet your own needs.

Assignment task 4: Analyze the weaknesses and strengths of ubiquitous open technology in producing information

This solved assignment shows the strength of ubiquitous open technology is that it produces a more equitable distribution and access to information in society. The majority of people perceive this ideal as their common goal, which leads to enthusiastic participation in technological development and lessens their dependence on central corporations due to the smaller costs involved.

The weakness is that because of a general lack of regulation and government monitoring, some populations are not even aware of this progress while others who have access cannot participate when they’re cut off from resources or expertise. There’s also a deficit of qualified personnel eager to train low-level designers, coders, developers, etc., whereas experts are regularly drawn away by higher salaries offered for their services elsewhere. Current research also predicts an exponential growth will lead to an indefinite power.

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The above assignment sample is based on CSC098- Foundation Computing I Assignment.

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