CSC099 Foundation Computing II Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

In the assignment sample, students will learn how to write computer programs that solve problems. They’ll also cover structured programming languages and selection structures for when a program should execute certain parts of code in response to user input or other changes on the system. Students at UITM are learning basic engineering skills like these so they can create algorithms with ease–solving complex computational challenges without breaking a sweat.

This course will teach you the basics of computer programming and how to use it in different fields. Throughout this class, there are many challenges for students to work through that test their understanding of concepts learned by doing exercises such as group projects or individual assignments. I expect at least one project from each student before they leave.

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Assignment brief of CSC099 Foundation Computing II 

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.

Assignment activity 1: Implement basic programming strategies and various problem-solving techniques in writing computer programs

The assignment sample discusses the programming strategy which is to break a larger problem down into smaller, simpler problems. This takes the form of modular planning – small sketches or plans for how particular pieces might work. These can be drawn on separate paper or kept in one’s head while designing the program as before proceeding to “fill-in” those individual modules with code and/or more detailed planning. The process repeats until all desired modules are sufficiently designed so they can fit together.

Adjusting an already working computer program usually comes down to rewriting sections of the current code using other designs that were previously created during modular design, so these tasks are typically not unique and can often be implemented by modifying existing concepts which have already been established and tested within the software.

Programmers typically use loops to iterate through blocks of code several times in order to operate different parts of the program. One could imagine this technique including calling another function with parameters that need to be processed again after fulfilling certain conditions so that one will go back to the beginning again for infinite loops (although these are not recommended).

Assignment activity 2: Display the use of programming control structures, correct syntax, and logic in writing computer programs

This solved assignment example discussed the correct syntax and logic that are easier to establish in a program when it is written in a declarative language rather than an imperative language.

A declarative programming language has two primary qualities that allow for more of this type.

  • First, the intent of the programmer is explicitly stated by declaring what he wants accomplishing during execution without specifying how to do it.
  • Second, any undefined behaviors are clarified, reducing ambiguities, and incorrect assumptions about what will happen if something doesn’t get executed as specified.

The sequence is when one instruction follows another in exact order – for instance, the simplest form of conditional branch (if-then) statement has a “sequential” if-ten-then. Selection is the condition where multiple paths must be taken at different times and only some instructions may apply at any given point – for example, a classic early computer game instruction could include ” jump off the bridge ? yes: no “. Iteration is when each loop repeats endlessly until stopped by external input.

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Assignment activity 3: Analyse various real-life situations scientifically relating to programming structures in writing computer programs

The assignment example shows the structure which is one of the most important, yet difficult, skills to develop in programming. All computer languages have something referred to as “control flow.” Control flow comes in three different flavors: conditional statements, loops, and routines (or sometimes called procedures or functions).

While all languages have these categories, not all language types need to use control flow at every step. Generally speaking, programmers love conditional statements because of the variety they provide; however, it can lead to faulty code very quickly if not exercised with care.

Moreover, this type of control loop has a declarative syntax that can be quite hard for beginners — too many times novice programmers mix up “if”s and “else”s when composing simple programs.

Structures in writing computer programs are like human structures. They’re the building blocks of a program, just as our bones and joints are the building blocks for a human body. If we have good, strong joints, then our body can function normally without being slowed down by pain and wear-and-tear.

Similarly, if we understand the basics of how to construct an appropriate struct for any given situation in programming (i.e., we know which set of instructions to follow), then life will become easier — work is more productive and bug-free because structures help make code more comprehensible and maintainable.

Assignment activity 4: Demonstrate autonomous learning along with retrieving and managing information in writing computer programs

This assignment sample elaborates Autonomous Learning “A robot moves learns and intelligently decides to explore, avoid or map.”

Theories of learning can be applied in designing autonomous robots for goal-oriented tasks. These intelligent machines should learn how to perform a task intelligently, with minimal supervision from the human operator on the basis of their experience collected during execution. Autonomous self-learning and decision-making are fundamental skills for an artificial intelligence-based control system that is safe, adaptive, and robust.

Autonomous learning is a powerful, yet difficult concept to understand. A program designed to learn autonomously must be able to sense its environment, process information about this environment, and adapt the program’s own functioning. This only requires programming code; however, designing a system that can do this in an efficient manner is challenging and seldom succeeds globally well. Expert systems or artificial intelligence will need help even in autonomous technology (examples of these are AI agents).

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The above assignment sample CSC099- Foundation Computing II UITM Malaysia.

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