CSC116 Introduction To Computers And Programming Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC116- Introduction To Computers And Programming Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

In this assignment sample, students will learn about how computer systems work from the ground up. They’ll be introduced to all of the major components that make a system function and see what happens when information is inputted into these parts. Students also get an introduction to different programming languages they can use to write programs for various purposes like gaming or web development-and by doing so in our virtual world environment, you won’t have any long downloads.

After you have learned about data representation inside computers, there are plenty more programming concepts that can be explored such as algorithms for solving problems or what is behind an API?

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Assessment brief of CSC116- Introduction To Computers And Programming

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.

Assignment task 1: Explain the components of a computer system and the computer programming language

This assignment sample discusses the computer system that consists of all the physical or electronic components of a computer that are necessary to compute, control and manage data communication with other computers.

The basics components include both hardware and software, including devices like

  • Central Processing Units (CPU),
  • Input devices (keyboard, mouse), and
  • An output machine such as a monitor.
  • A secondary device is known as storage stores programs, applications,
  • And other information – this may be done through magnetic tapes or discs, flash memory, or even paper tape.

Computers perform calculations using their CPU by executing instructions programmed in their program – this is known as a programming language; different codes produce different results in what we see on the screen.

In computer programming, the user is required to know two languages in order to write a computer program. One language is the Target or Output Language; which specifies what output (messages, graphics, sounds) should look like shown on the display and heard on speakers. The other language is called the Source or Programming Language and it specifies how information about some external world will be translated into instructions understood by a machine in order to produce an output.

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Assignment task 2: Demonstrate good value and ethics through review related to the computer systems and the computer programming language

This assignment sample elaborates the good values and ethics reviews related to computer systems and computer programming language.

I attended a lecture at my university this past week on computer programming languages. It was about the difference between assembly and high-level programming languages, like C++ and Java.
Assembly language is a low-level language that accesses the innards of your system to do whatever it wants, he said. The speaker went on to explain that this gave programmers more control over their processes, but pretty much everyone else no idea what’s going on because they don’t have the background in how computers work or how assembler works.

In contrast, high-level programming languages are easier for both other programmers and users of your programs to understand because you can write them using plain English words instead of having to use a bunch of numbers.

Assignment task 3: Describe programming visualization in the programming environment

Programming visualization is when data is visualized for other programmers and non-programmers alike. The idea behind this, especially in the bootstrapped startup community, is to make code easier to understand, create software that is more accessible to end-users, and empower developers.

Programming visualization is the use of graphics to show abstract data, for example, mathematical functions. In computer programming, it has been most often applied to visualizing debugging information.

Visualization techniques used in data processing and retrieval are applicable in scientific computing and when one is setting up or refining analytical procedures on experimental data. Generally, such displays should be

  • Capable of showing scalar quantities and their relations to each other as clearly as possible;
  • Easily understood by those who must interpret the results, and
  • Valuable not only as an aid to understanding but also because the display process may provide clues that lead to breakthroughs.

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