CSC118 Fundamentals Of Algorithm Development Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC118- Fundamentals Of Algorithm Development Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This course will be focusing on the development of algorithms and problem-solving. This class is designed to introduce students to a modular mindset, with an emphasis on analyzing problems given. In this curriculum, there will also be opportunities for students who are interested to explore computer systems but overall it’s not necessary as long as they learn how arrays work.

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Assignment brief of CSC118 Fundamentals Of Algorithm Development 

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
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Assignment Task 1: Identify the computer system components

The assignment sample elaborates the computer system components that are:

  • Operating system– The software that is the foundation of a computer system, like scheduling tasks and controlling peripherals.
  • Software– Software is a set of instructions, data, or programs used to make computers operate and execute specific tasks. It can be anything from an operating system like macOS to something as simple as the calculator on your phone!
  • Compiler- A compiler is a computer program that translates code from one language to another. It’s the machine equivalent of giving an English speaker who doesn’t speak Chinese a phrase and asking them what it means in their native tongue.
  • Storage points (disk storage)- Data storage is a general category of mechanisms where information is recorded by various electronic, magnetic, optical, or mechanical changes to the surface layer of one or more rotating disks. This gives rise to much confusion and frustration when it comes time for data retrieval because no two devices store their content in exactly the same way.
  • Peripherals- A peripheral or a peripheral device is an auxiliary device that can be used to put information into and get information out of a computer.
  • External devices- External storage devices can be permanently attached to the computer, removable or they may use proprietary media which you have to buy.

The very first computing device designed to process data was a special-purpose machine called a general-purpose digital computer. Digital computers can be described as having two major parts or categories of hardware – the central processing unit (also known as “processor” or CPU) and memory. The internal processor reads instructions from the main memory and performs operations in accordance with each instruction it is sent.

Assignment task 2: Explain the steps in problem-solving

Algorithms are a kind of problem-solving strategy. The steps in problem-solving an algorithm consist of these steps:

1) Understand the Problem and its Constraints
2) Design an appropriate solution and analyze possible pathways to success
3) Test the proposed solution systematically
4) Check your Solution for a Fallacy, Try Again if you find one.

Assignment task 3: Apply algorithm representations in problem-solving design

Algorithm representations are mathematical models in which algorithms are carefully described. Algorithms need to be precise and clear, meaning they should describe what the algorithm does explicitly rather than just relying on an implicit implementation or explanation.

When applying algorithms, it is important for them to reveal how you can continue execution if a data element does not represent one of its allowable values – for example, if the data element “date” is only used if it represents a valid date of some kind. This ensures that there is no chance that your algorithm will fail because of an exceptional situation that was handled improperly.
In addition, things like loops should also be clearly defined so as to make sure that they can be repeated without error.

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Assignment Task 4: Design appropriate algorithms to solve simple problems using a modular approach

This assignment sample discusses the modular approach which is a software design technique where the implementation of one or more procedures of a module (the “module proper”) can be treated as an independent unit with its own data structures, input/output operations, and machine language (or assembly) code.

The purpose of separating information into modules is so that individual sections can be treated as separate problems. Designers group algorithms according to what they share in common, such as I/O operations, data structures used for storage, flow control constructs needed for the problem domain. This makes them easier to debug and modify than if all algorithms were mixed together into one program. It also promotes reuse because new programs can use old modules just by importing them rather than rewriting them from scratch.

Assignment Task 5: Apply list/array in algorithm to solve simple problems

This assignment has given a list of numbers, then to “convert a number’s digits into its ASCII equivalent using the first ten letters of the alphabet” means defining N as the length of the given list and following this algorithm

1. Start at 0 (the first item in your list)
2. Increment N by 1
3. For each iteration starting with step 2,
3a Check if the current position is less than 10 subtract that number from 9 accordingly 3b Perform step 3a again for next digit after current one until done, then return to and repeat step 2 until done with all digits converted
4. Return to and start at 0 in your list for the next iteration. Ie continuing before converting it.

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