CSC248- Fundamentals Of Data Structure Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC248- Fundamentals Of Data Structure Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This Assignment sample will introduce you to the data structures and programming languages that programmers are expected to know when they work in a computer science field. You’ll have hands-on experience manipulating these parts of your program by writing code, which is an active way for students to learn more about what it takes if they want their future career as a programmer.

This course will teach you some tools so when faced with any type of task or puzzle, there are many ways computing can make them simpler. And while we’re learning from scratch today as if no one has ever seen code before, soon enough these lessons will become second nature after practicing through our series on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

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Assignment brief of CSC248- Fundamentals Of Data Structure

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the concept of abstract data type (ADT) and data structures

This assignment sample will discuss the concept of abstract data type and data structure.  Abstract data type and Data Structures are programming concepts.

Abstract data type(ADT)- is a collection of operations that an instance of that type can perform, which does not depend on the actual implementation (the details can be worked out later). The operations are always read-only access to the internal structure and write-only access to the state.

Data structures-  Data Structures are a way of collecting data in such a way that we can more effectively perform operations on these data. Data structures are about rendering the relationships between different types of information, which makes it easier to organize and store them.

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Assignment Task 2: Manipulate the data structures using algorithms such as sorting and searching

This assignment sample will discuss sorting and searching in the data structure.

Sorting Algorithms- Are methods of reorganizing a large number of items into some specific order. They can reorder numbers or letters, take the highest and put them at the bottom, or vice-versa with their lowest attribute.

Types of sorting:

  1. Bubble sort
  2. Insertion sort
  3. Selection sort
  4. Quick sort
  5. Merge sort
  6. Heap sort

For example, we have an array of string [c,e,t,q,g,l,s,b,m,a]
Now sorting will be given output in alphabetical order

OUTPUT:- [a,b,c,e,g,l,m,q,s,t].

Searching Algorithms– Searching Algorithms are designed to find or retrieve an element from any data structure in which it is stored.

Types of the Searching algorithm:-

  1. Linear search or sequential search– A sequential search is made over all items one by one. Every item is checked and if a match for your criteria of interest, then that particular item will be returned – but only after checking every single additional record on the way through!
  2. Binary search– Binary search works by cutting the list into two halves and comparing your item with the middle element. If it’s found, then they’ll give you its location on a binary tree diagram; otherwise, either half of that remaining part is searched depending on what happened when we compared our desired item to whatever was in between where we’d cut off before (or if nothing matches).

Assignment Task 3: Differentiate between various data structure characteristics using appropriate data structure implementation in problem-solving

This assignment example shows the difference between the characteristics of data stricture and the implementation of a data structure that usually requires writing procedures to create and manipulate the instances of that specific type. The efficiency cannot be analyzed separately from those operations, so it is important to think about how efficient these different types will perform when being used in your program. This observation motivates the theoretical concept for an abstract data type which defines all relevant information by describing what can be done with them instead of their actual implementation details like space or time cost as well as mathematical properties such as running speed vs memory use etc.

Characteristics of data structure:-

Correctness– Data structure implementation should always use its interface to complete tasks correctly.

Time complexity– Run-time or execution time of operations in any data structure should be as short and efficient as possible.

Space complexity– Data structures should be allocated in such a way that the memory usage of an operation is as little as possible.

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The above assignment sample is based on CSC248- Fundamentals Of Data Structure.

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