MGT648 Research Methodology Assignment UITM Example

This course will introduce you to a process for solving financial problems that has been designed by experts in the field. The method involves identifying your issue, gathering information about it and analyzing data before determining what corrective measures may be needed; this is all topped off with suggestions on how we can help make things better.

We believe knowledge is power, and with the right information you can make informed decisions about your financial future. This article will focus on one main situation; the average retail worker who walks into their bank or credit union to ask for a loan or an extension of credit. Maybe you’re planning a big event like a wedding, or perhaps you want to take advantage of interest rates near all-time lows to get your finances in order; it could be something as simple as needing to make an unexpected bill payment.

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Assignment Task 1: Identify the problem area of research 

Research methodology is the scientific analysis of the process that takes place from the formulation of a research question to its pursuit deriving a form of answer. The methodology aims to minimise threats to validity deriving from bias or threats, to facilitate theoretical interpolation or extrospection and finally derive reality-imparting meaning through interpretation.

Research methodology can represent a variety of approaches, best revealed in quantitative areas by parametric statistical analyses such as regression analyses and measurement design for experiments using randomization. In other fields it can involve heavy reliance on qualitative data obtained from interviews or focus groups, varied sources such as archived corpuses, case studies and other types interdisciplinary inquiry.

Assignment Task 2: Compile literature review on area of research

The literature review should include a description of the research methodology used in the studies that were included in the review. It should also include a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the various studies that were included. And finally, it should include a synthesis of the findings from all of the studies that were included in the review.

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The majority of the existing research on the topic of obesity and depression has studied time trends in these two variables. A number of studies have shown that both prevalence rates for depression are increasing, while prevalence rates for obesity are also increasing. The literature is somewhat more mixed when it comes to whether or not depression leads to an increase in weight gain. While a few studies show this relationship, the majority of the research in this area indicates that depression does not lead to weight gain. There is also a fair amount of evidence suggesting that obesity leads to an increase in depressive symptoms, both at the time that obesity develops and in the future following successful treatment for obesity.

Assignment Task 3: Develop research design, collect and analyze data

Step 1: Decide on the research question: Before you can start collecting data, you first need to decide on a research question. This could be anything from “What is the effect of caffeine on short-term memory?” to “How do different parenting styles affect children’s development?” Once you’ve decided on a question, formulate a hypothesis that can be tested.

Step 2: Design the research study: Once you have your hypothesis, you need to design the study that will test it. This includes figuring out what type of data you will need to collect and deciding on the methodology you will use. Will you be conducting a survey? Conducting interviews? Observing behavior? Collecting data from medical records?

Step 3: Collect the data: Now that you’ve figured out how you’re going to collect your data, go ahead and do it! Just make sure to be as objective and unbiased as possible in order to avoid any problems with your findings later on. If you’re using human subjects, there are specific guidelines for how this needs to be done so make sure you follow them.

Step 4: Analyze the data: Once you have all of your data, it’s time to analyze it! This means graphing and interpreting your findings, which should help you to support or refute your hypothesis. If it doesn’t support your hypothesis, try formulating a new one and repeating the process!

Step 5: Draw a conclusion: Once you have all the data, it’s time to answer your research question with your findings. How can you use this information? What are some applications for this knowledge? Maybe you’ll be able to come up with new ways for medical treatments or figure out how to help people in your community.

Step 6: Communicate the findings: Now that you’ve finished your research, it’s time to share what you learned with others! You can present your findings in charts and graphs, present them orally or publish them for everyone to read. Whatever type of communication you choose, be sure the audience is aware of the methods you used to collect your data.

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