BQS612 Applied Studies I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BQS612 Applied Studies I course builds on the knowledge and skills gained in previous courses to provide students with an understanding of how their chosen research topic fits into a broader context. The course focuses on developing contextual information and engaging in application-based studies. Through readings, discussions, lectures, and hands-on activities, students will become more familiar with their research topic as well as understand the implications of their research. They will learn to analyze data, draw conclusions from the data and discuss the implications of their work in a broader context.

In addition, students will participate in group projects and seminars as well as receive individual guidance from faculty members for their own research projects. By the end of this course, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of their research topic, design a research project that meets the ethical standards of their field, and articulate the implications of their work in a broader context.

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Here, we will explore a few assignment briefs. Specifically:

Assignment Brief 1: Propose project development simulation through systematic analysis of information acquired.

Project development simulation is an excellent tool to understand project dynamics and how decisions interact with project outcomes. By simulating different scenarios of a proposed project, one can acquire valuable insight into the potential risks and rewards associated with its progress. In order to thoroughly analyze each scenario, it is important to gather relevant information that can be used to test every possible outcome.

Systematic analysis of this data will provide a comprehensive overview of the predicted outcomes and help identify strategies that may prove beneficial in achieving successful results. A thorough simulation exercise will ensure that crucial decisions within the project are based on accurate data, thereby providing a firm foundation for the successful execution of the proposed project.

Assignment brief 2: Present ideas clearly and convincingly reflecting a comprehensive understanding of the task given.

When presenting ideas, it’s essential to demonstrate a deep understanding of the task given. Before making the presentation, make sure to do the necessary research and reflection, ensuring each point is clear and credible. Once ready for presentation, be sure to communicate your thoughts in terms that are accessible even to those who may not understand the subject at first glance.

Aim for a persuasive argument supported by facts, figures and examples whenever possible. Letting your audience understand why these ideas matter and how they could be applied is key. With an engaging style and good visual aids, one can make any topic come alive while giving the listener a better appreciation of its relevance.

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Assignment Brief 3: Practice excellent working culture in producing viable and feasible project proposals.

An excellent working culture is essential in producing project proposals that are both viable and feasible. These proposals should provide a clear explanation of the project, its expected outcomes and require an appropriate level of resources to complete. To guarantee this, every member of the team needs to act as a co-creator: be actively involved in discussions about the project’s scope, stay on top of available resources and set achievable goals.

Good communication between all individuals is also key to ensuring each person’s responsibilities are known and properly addressed, ensuring the proposal exceeds expectations. With these practices in place, any organization can produce project proposals that are sure to make an impact.

Assignment Brief 4: Demonstrate cooperation among team members in producing a viable and feasible project proposal.

An effective team should be one that works together in order to present the best project proposal. By openly and actively communicating with each other, all team members are able to understand their individual roles better and create a collective consensus on ideas for the proposal.

Additionally, brainstorming and collaborative problem-solving sessions can help build rapport among team members and encourage progressive idea-sharing that can lead to potential improvements to the initial proposal. Working together as a unified front establishes trust, thus promoting successful further negotiations so that everyone ends up with an end result they are content with and satisfied by.

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