ARK580 Design VI UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK580 Design VI course is one of the premier design courses offered by the Academy of Science and Technology. This intensive course focuses on providing students with a deep understanding of computer graphics, as well as several cutting-edge technologies for creating digital experiences. Students learn about 2D and 3D animation, interactive media, color theory, and more during their journey through this course.

They have access to instructional videos, teaching materials from industry experts, projects, and other activities that further help them hone their skills. The result is a course that gives students in-depth knowledge along with essential experience to help them become successful professionals.

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Here, we will review some of the assignment briefs that are available. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Design and defend a building design proposal of medium complexity that requires an integrated solution covering the aspect of physical and psychological requirements, human behavior, aesthetics, building technology and sustainability.

Crafting a building design proposal of medium complexity requires considering a variety of integrated elements. From long-term sustainability to psychological needs, a range of variables must be taken into account in order to create the optimal design outcome. That is why interdisciplinary collaboration between professionals from the architecture, engineering, and safety fields is essential for success.

Maybe most important of all, however, is incorporating considerations about user experience: how will people interact with the building? What are the ways it can enhance its user’s activities inside and out? By designing with human behavior in mind, designers can create designs that stand out not only for their aesthetic value but also for their practicality. None of these essentials should go overlooked when defending a successful design proposal.

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Assignment Brief 2: Explore and identify the specific rationale for technical solutions and details.

Before embarking on a project, it is important to thoroughly explore and identify the specific rationale for technical solutions and details. Without taking the time to go through this process, there is a risk that the solutions implemented will not effectively address the problem or fit with other existing systems. Through exploration and identification of these specifics, it is possible to form sound decisions regarding which solutions are most appropriate based on cost-effectiveness, scalability, compatibility, and any other potential issues. With this data in hand, organizations can make informed decisions when selecting technical solutions that meet their needs instead of making uneducated guesses that can be detrimental to their end goal.

Assignment Brief 3: Produce the design and technical drawings for a building design of medium complexity. 

Creating a building design of medium complexity requires taking the necessary steps to turn conceptual designs into tangible results. To produce the design and technical drawings, I utilize modern software technologies and programming languages to come up with realistic solutions that adhere to the established guidelines. My philosophy is to keep it simple while ensuring accuracy, which allows me to quickly convert conceptual plans into technical drawings. Quality documentation helps track design changes in an organized manner, which contributes significantly towards achieving desired outcomes of the project.

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