ARK550 Design V UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ARK550 Design V Course provides students with the opportunity to hone their creative design skills. They are guided in developing a range of expressions and techniques that bring their ideas to life. In this course, students will be encouraged to explore, apply and refine design concepts, utilizing both traditional and digital media.

They will have access to lectures, hands-on activities, critique sessions, and a range of open-ended projects. This course is designed to help students develop further insight into their practice as designers as they work toward creating lasting impressions on their audiences through the power of visual communication.

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Discover what you can learn from the exemplary projects for the ARK550 Design V course. is proud to present exemplary projects for the ARK550 Design V course! Students will have a premier opportunity to learn from some of Malaysia’s top architecture and design professionals. With innovative solutions and inventive concepts, these assignments are sure to help students develop their skills and acquire knowledge that can be applied in the real world. They will be able to reflect upon their learning experience when they see first-hand how the theories they learned actually turn into something tangible and useful.

Listed below are the assignment tasks:

Assignment Task 1: Analyse and investigate the theoretical issues on housing layout and development which encompass aspects of contextual, physical and psychological requirements, social/human behavior, aesthetics/image, rules and regulation, building technology and sustainability.

When analyzing and investigating the theoretical issues of housing layout and development, a multitude of considerations arises which must be taken into account. Contextual, physical, and psychological requirements as well as social/human behaviors, aesthetics/image, rules, and regulations, building technology, and sustainability present a wide range of factors to be analyzed before laying out or developing a housing space. It is essential to conduct thorough research that explores the area in matters such as land use patterns and densification strategies, in order to better understand land use dynamics within the particular geographical context.

Additionally, it will be beneficial to analyze current trends when it comes to how people use their living spaces as an understanding of this is crucial for finding solutions that will result in improved functionality. Furthermore, sustainable design solutions should always be in consideration when looking at housing prospects since modern society is increasingly confronted with environmental problems that require amelioration through proactive approaches. Subsequently, all of these elements must be thoughtfully meshed together to ultimately create a functional layout within an aesthetically pleasing setting in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

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Assignment Task 2: Work in a group to research and formulate a simple housing layout on a small site.

Group research and house layout formulation can be challenging yet rewarding activities. When it comes to designing a housing structure on a small site, it is important that all relevant stakeholders participate in the process. Utilizing the combined knowledge of the group, discussions should take place in order to create informed decisions regarding available options and design elements. Important factors such as eco-friendly construction materials and space utilization should be taken into consideration. With this approach, creative solutions can be generated that offer improved living conditions and architectural designs for the desired site.

Assignment Task 3: Produce a dwelling design that considers the various aspects and integrates appropriate strategies/solutions into the design scheme.

When designing a dwelling, it is essential to consider all aspects of the environment, and available strategies and solutions. The goal is to create a living space that not only integrates innovative materials and technologies but also takes into account any potential environmental impacts. This could include considering natural factors such as topographic conditions or access to renewable energy sources.

It can also include implanting strategies within the design scheme such as passive cooling techniques, smart water systems, or incorporating ecologically-friendly construction materials. Utilizing these considerations in the early stages of design planning can help create an efficient dwelling that accounts for a wide range of environmental factors while still providing comfortable living conditions for its occupants.

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