AAR686 Architectural Practice UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR686 Architectural Practice is a foundational course for those interested in the field of architecture. Providing an introduction to the basics of architectural art and design, this course will guide students through fundamental principles and techniques for designing residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Using a variety of assessments such as site visits, presentations, drawings, and renderings, this course focuses on the development of effective communication skills that are vital for architects in practice.

An understanding of building construction approaches and materials, along with a review of business practices related to professional architecture will also be covered. If you are considering a career as an architect AAR686 Architectural Practice may just be your first step.

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Here, we’ll outline some assignment activities. They include:

Assignment Activity 1: Discuss the roles, relationships and responsibilities of construction industry players.

The construction industry is composed of a variety of players, all with unique roles and responsibilities. Architects, engineers and designers create plans for new construction projects or renovations. Contractors bid on the job, taking into consideration all aspects of the project’s requirements to submit a proposal. Once the contractor is selected, they manage project implementation through close communication with all involved parties. Subcontractors commonly supplement larger contractor efforts and typically assume responsibility for specific aspects of a project like carpentry or electrical wiring.

The relationship between contractors and subcontractors is mutually beneficial; subcontractors acquire more jobs and contractors have access to specialist skills when needed for more complex projects. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of contractors to ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved in the project and guarantee client’s end product expectations are satisfied.

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Assignment Activity 2: Explain the process of project implementation and documentation involved in the building project.

Project implementation and documentation are two integral parts of a successful building project. When it comes to executing and reporting on progress, careful consideration must be given to various factors such as timelines, budget, resources, and quality assurance. An effective project plan ensures the entire process follows a logical framework by outlining the steps required to execute the project from start to finish. This includes activities like procuring materials, coordinating vendors, and keeping track of deliverables.

It is just as important for all stakeholders to document any issues that arise along the way since this serves as evidence of their operations and ensures regulations have been met. This also helps inform future efforts as it creates an archive for learning opportunities. With comprehensive implementation and documentation strategies in place, your building project can ensure a successful outcome that meets everyone’s expectations.

Assignment Activity 3: Discuss the professional and building legislations in the architectural industry.

The architectural industry is heavily regulated, with many professional and building legislations in place to ensure the safety of those involved in its processes. In particular, architects must abide by guidelines such as practicing within their allowed scope of practice, maintaining professional indemnity insurance, understanding locally enacted legislation, and adhering to the Architect’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Building legislations typically involve compliance with relevant regulatory authorities such as governments or local councils and providing necessary documentation for approvals. Both architects and builders require an expert understanding of these regulations to ensure that projects are carried out safely, efficiently, and responsibly – failure to do so can result in costly penalties for individuals and organizations alike.

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