BBUI3103: Employment And Industrial Law Assignment Sample Malaysia

BBUI3103 Employment and Industrial Law is one of the courses offered by Open University Malaysia. This course should be covered over 15 weeks with three credit hours awarded for completion.

To provide law students with an opportunity to work on a legal assignment, the International Law Department at Open University Malaysia has prepared this sample employment and industrial law case. Students are expected to understand the issues involved in Section 3 of the Employment Act 1955 (EAP).  This sample will discuss how the court should decide if there is unfair dismissal for an employee who was terminated without notice by his employer.

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Study Schedule Of BBUI3103 Employment And Industrial Law Course

It is a standard OUM practice that learners accumulate 40 study hours for every credit hour. As such, for example with three-credit courses, you need 120 total hours to properly prepare yourself and cover all necessary material outside of class time or other commitments like family obligations – which can be difficult sometimes! Table 1 gives an estimation of how much studying might take up your days so feel free to ask me any questions if anything remains unclear after reading through these calculations.

Study ActivitiesStudy Time
Briefly go through the course content and participate in the initial discussion3
Study the module60
Attend 3 to 5 tutorial sessions10
Online participation12
Assignment(s), test(s) and examination(s)20

BBUI3103 Employment And Industrial Law Assignment Brief

By the end of this Journal Writing, you will be able to:

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Assignment Task 1: Explain the labor and industrial laws based on the relevant written laws

There are a number of industrial and labor laws in the country, with most being formulated by the government. The core industrial law is the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 which provides additional guidelines for industrial firms on fair labor practice. Other relevant acts include the Employees State Insurance Act 1948, Employment Compensation Act 1961, Factories Act 1948, and Fair Wages and Hours of Labour (Acts) 1952. These laws pertain to various employment conditions such as wages, minimum wage requirements as well as maximum working hours that can be imposed on employees. In addition to this, there are general principles heeded for overtime work such as time off in Lieu no Wages where an employee may volunteer to work additional hours without pay occasionally with overtime compensation outside those hours instead.

Employment Act 1955 is Malaysia employment law that provides the rights and responsibilities of employees, employers as well as recruitment agencies in the country. A key principle of this act is that it creates a fair working environment for all workers whether on a temporary or permanent basis. In particular, there are regulations involving termination practices where an employee may be dismissed without notice or pay in lieu of notice. This act is applicable to all workers irrespective of their employment status, that is, whether they are casual workers, apprenticeships, probationary employees, etc. It also covers the rights and responsibilities of employers when it comes to recruitment procedures such as receiving offers of employment.

Assignment Task 2: Discuss employment terms, misconduct of workers, functions of trade unions, issues related to disputes between employers and trade unions, and the relevant laws applicable to the security of employees

There are a number of employment terms that need to be defined before learners can proceed. As such, an employee is not restricted to any particular status but includes those on probationary periods as well as all others working with the firm. Terms include situations where one may decide to terminate their contract either with notice or without notice and this will depend entirely on the terms agreed upon by both parties during recruitment. Misconduct in these cases therefore would depend on whether it involves theft, dishonesty, absence from work among other activities causing significant division within the company (i.e division leading to inability to continue working).

Employees’ rights are outlined in Section 6 of the Act which states workers should abstain from any act that brings harm or injury towards fellow workers, employers as well as any action that amounts to negligence which ultimately would lead to the destruction of company property.

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Trade unions in this case pertain to those seeking representation or rights for workers such as employees’ right and welfare, job security as well as terms of employment. Some of these rights include unfair dismissal against wrongful termination but employers may still dismiss without following proper dismissal procedures provided he has prior permission from the government. A worker is also entitled to flexible working hours, paid sick leave among other perks depending on his position within the firm. The use of trade union representatives should be mutually agreed upon by both parties concerned with disputes because their role will remain limited during mandatory mediation held by the government’s Industrial Relations Department (IDR).

Assignment Task 3: Apply issues of law to employer-employee relations

Employers must ensure that they do not undertake actions that, even with the best of intentions and business reasoning, would violate the law and subject them to liability. Refraining from asking for personal information such as family status, marital status, or children; refraining from communicating sexual messages; communicating in a professional manner at all times; no physical contact beyond what is required by performing assigned duties; promptly addressing employees’ questions and taking steps to address any harassment complaints filed with management.

Legal compliance is an issue employers need to be concerned about with regard to their work environment because there are laws on the books that prohibit certain kinds of conduct between an interviewer and potential employees. Interviewers also have a duty imposed upon them not only by the legal duties imposed by the state but also by their employers. They are obligated to act honestly in all aspects of pre-employment screening and not to make false statements or ask questions that would violate anti-discrimination laws (i.e asking for marital status, children, sexual orientation, etc.)

Synopsis Of BBUI3103 Employment And Industrial Law Course

This course is divided into 10 topics, each one building on the previous. The lessons are designed so that you can quickly go from novice to expert with ease! Topics include:

Topic 1: In this topic, discuss the definition of employer and employee. In addition to that, it revolves around differences between a contract for service as opposed to contracts under which you work on an ongoing basis like those services including flight delays or car rental agreement ents where your job isn’t finished when one session ends but rather they’re continual because there is always something going wrong with these types of deals.

Topic 2: Emphasizes the importance of this office, which is responsible for ensuring all workers are treated fairly.

Topic 3: The laws related to terms and conditions of employment are found within the statutes, as stipulated in an employee’s contract.

Topic 4: The responsibilities of employers towards their employees are not limited to financial terms. The non-pecuniary aspects include hours, rest days, and other benefits that should be considered in addition to how much one is compensated for working at an organization.

Topic 5: Discusses the prerogatives of employers towards their employees. This includes conditions for recruitment, transfers, and reduction as well as retirement or dismissal with just cause.

Topic 6: Discusses the various forms of workplace behavior that can be considered misconduct by both employers and employees. It also discusses remedies for unfair dismissal, including principles related to natural justice.

Topic 7: A crucial aspect of trade unionism is the sharing and defense between workers. The topic discusses what it takes to be a member, how they’re organized in different countries around the world including Canada and United States with an eye towards its importance for employees who want better working conditions or wages when confrontational negotiations fail.

Topic 8: The article discusses the topic of trade disputes and their resolutions. It also covers topics like strikes, picket lines by employees, or employers locking out workers in favor of arbitration since this is one way they can resolve issues without resorting to violence which would result in both sides being disadvantaged (Employee).

Topic 9: This topic discusses the provisions of law related to social security protection for employees. The main Acts are the Employees’ Provident Fund Act 1951, Employees Social Security (Social Insurance) Act 1969, and Workmen Compensation Act 1952 This subject also covers matters relating SROs ñ EPF Boards with their two powers; contribution toward society’s welfare by both employers & workers as well as benefits derived therefrom-in this case those pertaining only at work injury frequency through contributions paid into an organization called “Society Of Protector Covers(SOCSO)”. It further analyzes aspects like how individuals can be insured against accidents.

Topic 10: The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1994 is a federal law that protects employees’ rights to safety on the job. This includes discussing employer responsibilities, liability issues as well penalties for violations.

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