DER901 Approach to Dermatology Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia

This is a short lecture to help prepare students for dermatology posting. It consists of guides on detailed history taking, physical examination techniques and how best present symptoms during an encounter with the doctor who specializes in treating skin conditions like acne or eczema! You’ll also learn some common investigations used by doctors working at this level as well as their appropriate uses- so you can ask all your questions before going to see one’s specialist without worrying about coming unprepared.

As a dermatologist, I deal with a wide range of skin conditions daily. One of the most common is acne, which can affect people of all ages and genders and often requires long-term treatment to manage properly. Acne forms when hair follicles become blocked by excess oil or dead skin cells, leading to inflammation and the formation of pimples, blackheads or whiteheads.

It’s important to get a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist before starting any treatment, as there are many different types of acne and not all treatments will work for every type. The most common type of acne is acne vulgaris, which can be treated with topical medications like benzoyl peroxide and retinoids that work to unblock pores, clear out oil and kill bacteria. In more severe cases, oral antibiotics may also be used to help control the condition.

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Learn about the different types of skin conditions that can be effectively treated with dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is a type of cosmetic surgery that can improve the appearance of your skin by removing damaged outer layers. It is often used to treat facial blemishes such as wrinkles, scars, and age spots.

Assignment Brief 1: To familiarize me with investigations and special tools in dermatology to help in the diagnosis

There are several investigations and special tools used in dermatology to help with the diagnosis of skin conditions. One such tool is a blood test that measures levels of certain hormones called inflammatory markers. This test can help to determine whether a skin condition is due to underlying inflammation. Another special tool used in dermatology is a skin biopsy, which is a procedure where a small piece of skin is removed and examined under a microscope. This procedure can help to determine the exact type of skin condition that is present. Finally, another common investigation used in dermatology is a patch test, which is used to identify allergies or sensitivities to certain substances. By using these investigations and tools, dermatologists can make an accurate diagnosis of skin conditions.

Other common investigative tools used in dermatology include biopsies, which can help determine whether certain growths or lesions on the skin are cancerous. In addition, various imaging techniques, such as ultrasound and x-rays, may also be used to assist with diagnosis. Overall, these tools and methods can help identify symptoms and determine a proper course of treatment for patients with skin conditions.

Assignment Brief 2: To practice good detailed history taking for dermatology cases

In dermatology, as in all medical disciplines, taking a good history is essential to providing the best possible care for our patients. By taking a detailed history, we can often narrow down the differential diagnosis and make educated guesses about what might be going on.

That said, here are some tips for taking a good dermatologic history:

  1. Pay attention to the patient’s chief complaint. What are they primarily concerned about? Often, just asking them to tell their story from start to finish can give you a lot of information.
  2. Make sure to ask about the onset, duration, and course of the skin lesion or rash. This can often give you clues as to what might be going on.
  3. Additionally, be sure to ask about any other symptoms or medical conditions that may be relevant to the patient’s case. For example, if a patient has a history of eczema or psoriasis, this can help you narrow down your differential diagnosis and decide on an appropriate treatment plan.

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Assignment Brief 3: To learn the basic physical examination for dermatology cases 

The physical examination for dermatology cases is pretty straightforward. You’ll want to inspect the skin for any lesions or abnormalities, and then you’ll need to take a close look at the scalp and hair for any signs of infection or other problems.

You should also check the nails for any signs of fungal infection or other problems, and be sure to palpate the lymph nodes in case there might be any signs of infection or cancer. If you’re concerned about a particular area on the skin, you may also want to perform a skin biopsy to get a closer look.

Overall, performing a thorough physical examination for dermatology cases is essential to properly diagnose and treat any issues that may be present. So if you’re interested in working in this field, be sure to brush up on your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and recommendations.

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