Florence Nightingale’s Theory- Nursing Theories and Models Assignment Sample Malaysia

Florence Nightingale has been known as the ‘founder of modern nursing’ due to her efforts in reforming nursing practices. She developed the theory of environmental adaptation which came from observations she made during a nursing mission in Turkey in the 1850s. This theory has been an important contribution to modern-day nursing and is now used as the basis for many of today’s nursing theories and models.

Through her actions, Florence Nightingale established that a nurse should not only be proficient in providing medical/technical care but should also be focused on improving patient comfort and quality of life through modification of environmental factors. Her dedication to changing how we think about nursing is still impacting current models today.

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What is a nursing theory and what are the benefits of using one in practice?

Nursing theories are pivotal in providing a connection between the science of healthcare and its practice. They provide a logical and scientific structure on nurses to base their decision-making, as well as promote the professional development of individual nurses. By having an overarching framework to guide nursing practice, outcomes can be measured more effectively, enabling improvements in patient care to be made on an ongoing basis. It also encourages nurse researchers to develop new relief technologies or provide evidence-based research for nurses to follow in clinical situations. As such, nursing theories represent a beneficial tool for modern healthcare practitioners who wish to deliver the best possible outcomes while ensuring they remain abreast of changing trends in the industry.

What are the different types of nursing theories and how do they differ from each other?

Nursing theories are an essential part of a nurse’s education, forming the basis for applying clinical skills and creating best practices. There are five main types of nursing theories – Grand Theory, Middle Range Theory, Situation Specific Theory, Model Theory, and Nursing Practice Theories. Grand Theories are wide-ranging proposals that focus on the ‘big pictures’ concepts such as human behavior and well-being across their lifespan. In contrast, Middle Range theories tend to be more specific and practical in scope, exploring topics such as health promotion techniques or ways to improve communication with patients.

Situation Specific Theories target specific instances within a person’s life such as after a major illness; they focus on problem-solving tactics to help with recovery and return to regular activities. Model theories provide models of exemplary behavior for nurses when engaging with patients and also present levels of practice according to a set hierarchy. Finally, Nursing Practice Theories take pre-existing data and insights gained in other fields such as sociology or psychology to connect with clinical practice by developing data-driven pathways designed around patient needs and want.

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How can nurses use nursing theories to improve patient care outcomes?

Nursing theories provide a useful framework in which to care for different patient populations and propose evidence-based approaches that can be applied in clinical practice. By understanding the relationship between nursing practices, patient health outcomes, and resource allocation decisions, nurses can identify areas of opportunity when it comes to improving care delivery.

As an example, utilizing a patient-centered approach to care has been demonstrated to result in improved patient adherence and satisfaction while reducing healthcare costs. Nurses can use this information to create tailored plans of care that focus on creating trusting relationships with patients, increasing self-empowerment through education and skills training, as well as offering emotionally supportive interventions. The knowledge gained from such studies combined with communication strategies used by professional nurses is key component in positively impacting patient care outcomes.

What are some of the most popular nursing theories currently in use today?

Nursing theories have become an invaluable part of improving patient outcomes and providing better healthcare. Many of the most popular nursing theories today focus on providing holistic care that takes into account the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of the individual patient. The Health Belief Model, developed in the 1950s, is often utilized by nurses as it encourages individuals to recognize health risks and motivates them to take proactive steps to improve their health.

More recently developed theories, such as Self-care Deficit Theory and Roy Adaptation Model are used to provide comprehensive care by taking into account social contexts and looking at the entire person. Ultimately, these various nursing theories all seek to ensure evidence-based practice in order to ensure quality healthcare no matter what context or situation a nurse is faced with.

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