MGT646 Quantitative Research Methods Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

This course aims to guide students in conducting academic research for a degree in Finance and Economics. It starts by teaching how to structure a research proposal, encompassing tasks such as formulating research questions, reviewing existing literature, and understanding the components of an academic research report.

Students will learn to create a suitable and viable research design, exploring different methods. Throughout the course, they will draft chapters and eventually complete a full academic research report, receiving continuous feedback and guidance from the course lecturer.

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Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate problem solving and scientific skills in quantitative research methods. (PLO2)

Assignment Activity 1 requires demonstrating problem-solving and scientific skills specifically within quantitative research methods, aligning with Program Learning Outcome 2 (PLO2).

Key points of this assignment task:

  • Apply problem-solving techniques within the context of quantitative research methods.
  • Showcase proficiency in employing scientific methodologies relevant to quantitative research.
  • Address tasks or problems that require quantitative analysis and scientific reasoning.
  • Show competence in using statistical tools, data analysis techniques, and scientific approaches to solve problems in the research context.
  • Display understanding and application of quantitative methodologies in research practices, potentially using mathematical models, statistical analysis, or other quantitative tools.

Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate hands-on learning using database/s to help students to acquire the skills necessary to carry out their own research proposal in various aspects in Finance or Economics. (PLO6)

Assignment Activity 2 focuses on hands-on learning utilizing databases to equip students with the essential skills needed to conduct their own research proposal in diverse areas within Finance or Economics, aligning with Program Learning Outcome 6 (PLO6).

Key elements of this assignment task:

  • Engage in practical, hands-on learning involving the utilization of databases.
  • Demonstrate the acquisition of skills necessary for independent research in Finance or Economics.
  • Explore and use databases relevant to Finance and Economics to gather, analyze, and interpret data.
  • Apply learned database skills to various aspects of research proposals, potentially including data collection, organization, retrieval, and analysis.
  • Illustrate competence in utilizing databases as a crucial tool in the research process within the fields of Finance or Economics.
  • Emphasize the practical application of database knowledge to support the development and execution of a research proposal in Finance or Economics.

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Assignment Activity 3: Perform self-directed learning skills to conduct research report writing and verbally demonstrate the research outcome. (PLO9)

Assignment Activity 3 focuses on self-directed learning skills for conducting research report writing and verbal presentation of the research outcome, aligning with Program Learning Outcome 9 (PLO9).

Key components of this assignment task:

  • Engage in self-directed learning to develop expertise in research report writing.
  • Demonstrate independent learning skills required for conducting research in a specified area of study.
  • Write a comprehensive research report following academic conventions and standards.
  • Verbally present the research findings, showcasing effective communication skills.
  • Emphasize the ability to independently conduct research, synthesize information, and produce a coherent and structured research report.
  • Highlight proficiency in oral presentation skills to effectively communicate and demonstrate the outcomes of the conducted research.
  • Illustrate mastery in self-guided learning methodologies, including research methodologies, data analysis, and report writing within the discipline of Finance or Economics.

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