CTU555 UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

CTU 555 Pembangunan Ekonomi Dalam Konteks Hubungan Etnik Di Malaysia/ CTU 555 Economic Development In The Context Of Ethnic Relations In Malaysia

This CTU555 UITM assignment sample shows Economic Development in the Context of Ethnic Relations in Malaysia which is an attempt to explore and examine how ethnic relations are linked with economic development. It highlights three key points:

  • The need for a holistic approach to examining ethnic relations;
  • The importance of acknowledging history when understanding ethnicity;
  • Solving problems related to the ethnic conflict requires more than just economic development.

This assignment sample discusses these three concepts and their relationship to economic development using examples from Malaysia.

The CTU 555 Economic Development in the Context of Ethnic Relations in Malaysia blog post is an attempt to explore and examine how ethnic relations are linked with economic development.

By the end of this assignment sample students will be able to learn:

Explore the process of economic development in Malaysia

This assignment sample briefly discusses the procedure of economic development in Malaysia. The Malaysian economy has gone from a $6 billion per year to around $370 billion in 2018. Malaysia’s government is responsible for ensuring the country’s financial security and continued economic growth.

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has launched an ambitious agenda to reduce the country’s reliance on oil exports, focus manufacturing more on high-value goods like semiconductors, and shift other industries to high-tech ones.

The Government of Malaysia predicts GDP could grow by 6% in 2020 if all goes according to plan. The Ministry of Economic Affairs aims for 7%.

Policymakers aim for a “least three pillars” economy with an emphasis on agriculture, industry, and services sectors.—the goal would be the distribution of wealth.

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Describe the economic development of the country in a multi -ethnic society

This assignment example briefly describes the economic development of Malaysia in a multi-ethnic society. Malaysia has been the beneficiary of an economic transformation program that has seen its economy grow at a rate of over 6% annually for the past 10 years, making it one of Asia’s best-performing economies.

Malaysian exports account for 40% of GDP, with electronics and semi-manufactured products constituting 45%.

Contrary to popular belief, Malaysians are not ‘land rich. They hold less than 2 percent ownership (of land) in this region. About 50 percent is owned by foreign corporations like Hong Kong companies and about 3percent by overseas Chinese.

The average income for an urban Malaysian is roughly USD6,000 to USD7,000 per year which compares favourably with income levels in neighboring countries like Singapore.

Describe the transition of the country economy towards industry as the basis for the formation of a developed country

This assignment example shows the contrast of country economy to industry on the basis of the formation of a developed country.

Malaysia has a diversified economic system and no evident vulnerable sectors. It is one of the few Asian countries with an investment-grade rating from all three major credit rating agencies which should provide investors more assurance that Malaysia’s public debt is sustainable. The country is seen as having better prospects for achieving developed country status within 5-10 years, according to The Westpac Institute for Financial Economics 2010 forecasts published in A Report on the Next Asia Society Panel Discussion Malaysia Seeking Status of EMDC (Emerging market Defined Country).

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Explain the concept of modernization

This assignment sample explains the basic concepts of modernization.  Initiatives of the government for Modernization have been executed in a planned and systematic manner to create an environment that can make Malaysia’s economy more competitive and prosperous.

  • The first phase of modernization covered four sectors such as electricity, water management, telecommunications, and transport. However, there is limited scope for private sector participation due mainly to pricing constraints.
  •  In the second phase; emphasis was placed on three broad areas i.e., agriculture, manufacturing, and services resulting in more opportunities for private investment that would modernize the economic activities of Malaysia.

For example, agricultural modernization includes commercializing agriculture so as to create greater employment opportunities by establishing agri-towns or agricultural townships where processing facilities are present along with information dissemination centers.

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