ABP791 Applied Business Project I Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

ABP791 Applied Business Project I is an incredibly valuable course. It gives students the opportunity to apply their learning from traditional coursework to an independent project; developing professional skills such as communication, planning, problem-solving and working in a team. It culminates in an individual presentation of a business project, providing real-world experience for the student and building a valuable portfolio piece that can be discussed in future interviews.

This course is beneficial whether you want to start your own business or pursue a career in a corporate environment; both require effective problem-solving and communication skills. As you transition from education to the workplace, this course provides a necessary bridge between learning theory and applied theory.

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At this location, we provide several task activities. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Analyse relevant literature and databases to conceptualize research framework and academic constructs with integrity in various aspects of applied business.

In today’s world, conducting reliable research is essential for success in any form of business. Analysing existing literature and databases should be the foundation of such research, as it can provide valuable insights into various aspects of applied business. Integrating a range of relevant resources while conceptualizing the research framework helps create a more comprehensive and scholarly approach, allowing the development of innovative academic constructs that will promote further understanding within this field.

With reliable and rigorous analysis techniques, researchers can not only gain insight into industry trends but also benchmark against contemporary socio-economic theories. This provides them with a clearer path to build more effective solutions in order to support organizational objectives.

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Assignment Activity 2: Prepare a viable research proposal from selected topics relevant to applied business in an ethical and responsible manner.

In order to prepare a research proposal that is both ethical and responsible, it is important to identify a topic that is focused and has clear objectives. Thoroughly examining the business context of the chosen topic must be done in order to ensure that all available resources such as secondary data and theoretical models are used effectively. Furthermore, consideration must be taken of any potential risks, both in practical and ethical terms, associated with executing the proposed research.

Finally, the proposed approach should be sufficiently adaptable to reflect any changes or challenges that may arise while conducting the research. By following these steps, researchers can craft a viable research proposal that is carried out in an ethical and responsible manner.

Assignment Activity 3: Present the research proposal report with the diverse team members.

By compiling the results of each team member’s research, we can provide a comprehensive report that rivals any other. The diversity of our team ensures that multiple perspectives are factored in, regarding various topics. Often, this group collaboration leads to creative solutions and innovative strategies that add additional detail and depth to our proposal. We look forward to further exploring the success of including such a varied array of research skills in our team dynamic while working together on a comprehensive report.

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