ACM751 Contemporary Islamic Art Of Asia Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

ACM751 Contemporary Islamic Art of Asia is the perfect class for those wanting to explore the ever-evolving world of art in this region. Students can expect to delve deep into traditional and modern art forms, studying various styles, approaches, techniques and more. From painting, sculpture, and installation, to music and literature – the possibilities are seemingly endless.

This course will offer a unique combination of history, context and culture through multimedia lectures by leading academics and practitioners. This highly interactive course brings together all the necessary tools to comprehend the multifaceted Islamic art of Asia form both an academic and creative perspective.

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In this article, we outline different types of assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Analyze the Islamic worldview and its impact on the Contemporary Islamic Art of Asia.

The Islamic worldview has had a vast and lasting impact on the Contemporary Islamic Art of Asia. This perspective encompasses a belief in one omnipotent, omniscient God who is believed to have created the universe, and in so doing imbued it with specific laws, which govern all aspects of an individual’s daily life. As such, Islamic art often expresses these values through its selection of subject matter, composition and use of symbolism.

There is a consistent focus on the beauty found within nature — oftentimes interpreted within Islamic art as homage to Allah — and religious themes, such as verses from holy texts and illustrated accounts of prophetic figures are frequently depicted. Such works carry an inherently spiritual message that goes beyond simply visual marvels, emphasizing faithfulness and veneration for God’s creations.

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Assignment Brief 2: Define the selected artwork based on the relevant theories or approaches.

The selected artwork can be defined in relation to a variety of theories and approaches. A psychoanalytic approach could explore how unconscious thoughts and emotions influence the creative process, as well as what underlying feelings and drives are referenced through composition or color. An anthropological approach could examine the cultural context of the artwork’s creators and its intended audience, what cultural norms are being a commentary on, or how it shapes or affects cultural identity.

A feminist approach could evaluate the assumptions around gender roles that may be reflected by or further amplified in the artwork. Ultimately, the artwork may be appreciated based on much more subtle forms of insight than any one specific methodology provides – one can attempt to parse out their interpretations according to various theories, yet still leave room for personal inquiry and interpretation by audience members.

Assignment brief 3: Justify Islamic artwork based on its form, content and context.

Islamic artwork has a rich and vibrant aesthetic that is deeply reflective of the faith, culture and beliefs of those who create it. From intricate patterns to fine calligraphy, many Islamic artworks take their form from the very teachings of Islam in order to provide a visual representation of simple sayings. Beyond this visual element, these religious messages are also further emphasized through the symbolic meanings inherent in certain shapes or objects often found within the artwork.

Ultimately, this combination of form and content results in compositions that can provide meaningful insight into Islamic beliefs and values, even for those unfamiliar with its teachings. Moreover, when presented within its proper historical context, Islamic art can become an incredibly powerful vehicle for illustrating how different cultures have evolved over time. Therefore, it is easy to see why Islamic artwork remains beautiful, profound and a central part of Muslim life now as much as ever before.

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