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ADE431 Cooper Tooling Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

ADE431 Cooper Tooling is an advanced course that explores the many ways that tooling technology can be used for systems engineering. This course is intended for advanced students to gain practical knowledge in the use of cutting tools, auxiliary tool names, and jigs in a variety of engineering contexts. Through this course, students will explore the operation of lathes, drills, cutters and other machine tools, as well as acquire a strong understanding of tolerances and geometry measurements.

Additionally, they will learn to identify standard parts and understand the dynamics between various machines used in modern industrial manufacturing processes. The application of state-of-the-art tools and technology makes ADE431 Cooper Tooling an essential course for engineers who are passionate about improving their engineering skills.

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Here, we provide several assignment activities. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Acquire and apply knowledge of copper tooling techniques on copper foil or any suitable metal foil. 

Developing expertise in copper tooling is a valuable and rewarding skill. The application of this technique involves transferring designs, images or text onto metal foil and requires a precise level of detailed work. Through practice and careful instruction, the craftsperson can acquire the knowledge necessary to successfully complete tooled projects. Copper is an ideal metal for this type of artwork due to its malleability and vast array of colors, patterns, and textures. Utilizing these special properties, combined with unique tools and a steady hand, applying knowledge of copper tooling techniques on copper foil or any suitable metal foil can become not only a useful but an enjoyable form of artistry.

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Assignment Activity 2: Recognize copper tooling tools and their use throughout the fabrication process.

Copper tooling tools are widely used in the fabrication process, as they help to create intricate shapes and patterns in many materials. Craftsmen utilize these tools to shape soft metals such as copper into desired shapes and forms. These tools can be used to build ornaments, rivets, wire connectors, filter grills, and stamp out designs in clad materials. Copper tooling tools come in a range of styles with various features such as different heads for shaping and finishing operations, curves to add artistic touches, lightweight handles for controlled use, and more.

Its malleability makes it easy to form into any desired shape when heated which makes the job faster and of good quality. With their versatile nature and numerous uses throughout the fabrication process, having a set of copper tooling tools is invaluable for making functional fixtures with beautiful finishes.

Assignment Activity 3: Exhibit familiarity and competence with basic copper tooling skills. 

Becoming familiar with basic copper tooling skills is an important foundational step in developing a strong understanding of the craft. It allows crafters to gain insights into manipulating and shaping the material to create a variety of pieces with precise measurements, intricate details, and appealing designs. Furthermore, the development of competency in such skills makes the crafting process more efficient. Mastery of manual tools allows for higher accuracy, faster work completion times, and consequently greater satisfaction for both artisans and their customers. Thus, it pays off to take the time to exhibit familiarity and competence when it comes to basic copper tooling skills.

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