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HBU131 National Kesatria III Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia

The UiTM Malaysia course is an opportunity for students to explore the potential consequences of working with national treasure, the grade they achieve will be gauged and executed which can impact their career as a teacher or Achieve their desired outcome. The Kesatria III assignment example provides students with the opportunity to share their experience and learn from other teachers about creating models that are both educational and curricular HerondApart from being a model reliever.

The UiTM Malaysia student who has completed HBU131 will be able to provide insights and perspectives on this UiTM project as well as discuss how such an entity could be established and started, and what challenges there would be in doing so, and how such a venture might benefit.

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Assignment Brief 1: Demonstrate respect, self – awareness and social responsibility through Kesatria Negara community service activities 

The Kesatria Negara community service activities (KNA) is a way for people to show their support for the common good by doing something meaningful and important, without regard to materialism or apathy. It begins with simple things, such as taking care of one’s environment and using one’s resources. Soon, it becomes evident that many issues facing the community are more complex than simply cleaning or looking out for animals.

Kesatria Negara is an effortless way to do great things. It’s a plan that wherever you go, make sure you hit the ground, Tuan! Kesatria Negara is all about demonstrating respect for others and doing community service projects in any capacity possible. You can also find ways to get involved in various aspects of the community, from setting up information resources to cleaning or delivering food. All to make a positive impact on society as a whole.

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Assignment Brief 2: Demonstrate a spirit of volunteerism towards the community through the National Knights’ community service activities 3

Volunteerism is a key part of the National Knights’ culture. Volunteers work together for the common good, often performing many different tasks at once, from planting to picking up old equipment. They then may join in with their friends and family to finish up their work or take on new tasks. It’s by being team-oriented that we can achieve our goals and contribute back to the community as a whole.

The National Knights’ community service activities are in aid of the needy, orphaned, and vulnerable. They focus on providing services that can help these different groups, including Ascension DayCare, which provides quality care for people who are seeking help after death. This visibility into the public eye is often what helps us quickest with spreading the good work we’re doing. All of our work is assisted by private donations as well as through sponsors who will give us money or goods if we need them to support our Causes.

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