BCM653 Dissertation II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCM653 Dissertation II course provides students with an excellent opportunity to fine-tune their research and writing skills. In this course, learners are required to conduct in-depth research related to a specific topic of their choice and prepare a dissertation based on that. The modules of the course not only provide learners with the knowledge of conducting research but also enable them to master various techniques that are useful in writing high-quality dissertations perfect for obtaining higher grades.

Students are also encouraged by mentors during the whole process so that they can understand the proper flow of arguments and help them draw meaningful insights from their research. Moreover, students can discuss their topics with other classmates as well as with experts from outside organizations in order to ensure that they have explored all key aspects of the topic.

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Here, we outline several assignment activities. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Practice ethical standards of conduct in research development work.

As research and development professionals, we must promote ethical standards of conduct in our work. This means always acting with integrity and following the highest principles of professional responsibility. We must be open and honest, practice impartiality and fairness, avoid conflicts of interest, respect rights to privacy and confidentiality, and recognize the contributions of all involved in R&D projects. It’s essential that we strive for excellence when performing our duties in order to ensure the reliability of our research results and the trustworthiness of our development services.

A central aspect of ethical standards is demonstrating respect towards everyone at all times – from colleagues to clients alike. Here at our firm, we are committed to upholding ethical standards in every aspect of our work, creating an environment that works for everyone involved.

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Assignment Activity 2: Practice independent research skills in construction-related topics.

Independent research is an important skill for those aspiring to become experts in the construction field. Quality research not only helps you stay on top of new developments but also increases your knowledge base, allowing you to build on existing construction theories and practices. To become proficient in independent research, it’s essential to practice and hone this ability by exploring different construction-related topics. Differing states may have distinct regulations and even international building trends, ensuring that continuous learning and exploration is key to improving research skills in this industry.

Knowledge can be accumulated through a combination of reading specialized texts such as codes, attending webinars, or consulting with professionals. With continued research practice, the wealth of information gathered can be instrumental for successfully navigating current and future construction projects.

Assignment Activity 3: Write a well-structured and written standard academic dissertation on an appropriate research topic or issue relevant to the construction industry.

Writing a clear and well-structured academic dissertation about an appropriate research topic relevant to the construction industry can provide readers with an invaluable source of information. Through an in-depth examination of data and evidence, it is possible to create an informed opinion on the given issue that could be applied to day-to-day decision-making within the construction sector.

Furthermore, dissertation writing can encourage the implementation of standards designed to encourage the long-term sustainability of projects that operate within this area. By gathering together subject matter experts, designers and contractors into a single document, we can produce a piece of work that can deliver a lasting legacy to today’s construction industry.

Assignment Activity 4: Interpret and critically analyse results to propose viable recommendations.

Interpreting and critically analysing results is an important part of the decision making process, as it helps determine whether proposed recommendations are viable. Variables such as cost benefit analysis, data visualisation and customer feedback should be taken into consideration to provide accurate insights. Using analytical tools such as regression modelling can tease out useful data from large amounts of information.

Upon review of the interpretation of results, one can make multiple recommendations that address short and long term goals. It is vital that recommendations are evidence-based to ensure their credibility among stakeholders. Finally, taking into account potential risks and challenges associated with a recommendation will help ensure successful implementation in the future.

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