BCM643 Contract Management UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM643 Contract Management course offers students a deep insight into the fundamental elements of contract law. Participants in this course gain an understanding of the process of creating, managing, and closing contracts that make up the backbone of many successful companies. This course helps them develop a keen knowledge about what makes a legally binding agreement and how to prevent potential issues from arising within a contract.

It also provides students with practical tools from negotiation to dispute resolution, outlining what each party should be aware of when it comes to their rights and obligations in the contract. BCM643 is ideal for anyone looking to secure a better business future through successful contract management.

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Down below you’ll find the various tasks associated with this assignment. Here are just some of them:

Assignment Task 1: Assess various clauses and related contractual issues under standard forms of contracts commonly used in Malaysia.

It is important to understand various clauses and contractual issues that are associated with standard forms of contracts commonly used in Malaysia. These forms allow parties to settle common agreements concerning the delivery of goods or services between the two parties, such as liability and breach clauses. Further, it allows for formalizing arrangements for obligations or indemnities or managing teaming or joint venture relationships. It is important to assess each clause to ensure that it reflects current legislation as well as industry-specific guidelines or regulations.

As changes in the law can impact on enforceability, close scrutiny should be done at each instance. Knowing the options available under standard Malaysian contract terms can save time and money which would otherwise have been expended on drafting custom contracts.

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Assignment Task 2: Comprehend various issues in relation to claims, completion and conclusion of construction contract including dispute resolution.

The comprehension and application of various issues in relation to the claims, completion and conclusion of construction contracts is key to a successful project. It is important to be aware of aspects such as environmental factors, quality standards and time schedules when addressing such issues so that both parties involved have a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Complex disputes can arise at any stage during a construction contract which must be managed efficiently by utilizing best practices within the industry, or through external mediation enabling resolution in an expedient manner. Having a clear understanding of associated risks from the beginning will help prevent unnecessary delays or misunderstandings which can occur throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Assignment Task 3: Defend the rights of construction parties on contract-related issues.

Construction contracts are a fundamental aspect of the construction industry, and as such, it is critical that the rights of all parties involved in these contracts be defended. All parties have the right to understand contract terms, express their opinions, and share records. Furthermore, safety standards should be held to the highest level in order to protect workers from potential negligent situations.

Careful record-keeping and documentation should always be exercised throughout the entire process to ensure compliance with the initial contractual agreement and long-term success for everyone involved. It is essential that all parties set up fair terms and reasonable expectations for contract adherence prior to any construction work commencing. By establishing robust frameworks for contract construction and standing firm on those contractual principles when disputes arise, all parties can feel secure in their rights as they enter into any related agreement.

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