BSB251 Environmental Technology And Services III UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB251 Environmental Technology and Services III is a course that focuses on environmental technologies and services. The course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to address environmental challenges facing the world today. The course covers topics such as pollution prevention, waste management, water and air quality management, energy conservation, and renewable energy.

Throughout the course, students will learn about the environmental technologies and services that are currently available, and how they can be applied to address environmental problems. Students will also explore emerging technologies and services that have the potential to revolutionize the way we manage the environment.

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Here, we will discuss some assignment outlines. These are:

Assignment Outline 1: Explain the principles of noise and acoustic control in building design which can emphasize human activities affects towards environment.

Building design plays an important role in controlling noise and acoustics, which can have a significant impact on the environment and human activities. Here are some principles of noise and acoustic control in building design:

  1. Sound insulation: Sound insulation involves the use of materials such as insulation, wall partitions, and acoustic barriers to reduce the transmission of sound between spaces. This can help to reduce noise pollution and ensure that the sound within each space is contained.
  2. Room acoustics: The acoustics of a room can have a significant impact on its functionality and user experience. Building designers can use a range of techniques such as the use of sound-absorbing materials, diffusers, and reflectors to improve the acoustics of a room and make it more comfortable for its occupants.
  3. HVAC system design: The design of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system can also play a role in noise and acoustic control. The system should be designed to minimize noise levels and vibration and to provide adequate ventilation to ensure a healthy indoor environment.
  4. Building layout: The layout of a building can also impact noise and acoustics. For example, placing noisy equipment or functions away from quiet areas can help to reduce the impact of noise on occupants.
  5. Site selection: Site selection is also important for noise and acoustic control. Buildings located near high-traffic roads, airports, or other sources of noise pollution may require additional measures to minimize the impact of noise on occupants.

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Assignment Outline 2: Interpret the knowledge on how building services design can relates to building safety, health and comfort by gaining the understanding on the principles and requirements in electrical and telecommunication installation in buildings.

Building services design plays a crucial role in ensuring building safety, health, and comfort. Electrical and telecommunication installations are an integral part of building services design that require specific principles and requirements to ensure their safe and effective operation.

Firstly, electrical installations must comply with local regulations and codes to ensure they are designed, installed, and maintained safely. This includes the use of appropriate wiring, circuit breakers, and grounding to prevent electrical shocks, fires, and other hazards. Building services designers must also consider the electrical load requirements of the building and ensure that the electrical systems are designed to meet those needs without overload or failure.

Secondly, telecommunication installations must also comply with local regulations and codes to ensure safe and reliable operation. Building services designers must consider the types of telecommunication services required by the building, including internet connectivity, phone lines, and other communication systems. They must also ensure that the telecommunications systems are designed to provide reliable service, with appropriate cabling and connectivity to support the needs of the building’s occupants.

In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, building services designers must consider the health and comfort of building occupants. For example, lighting design must take into account the amount of natural light available in the building, as well as the needs of occupants for different levels of lighting depending on the task being performed. Proper ventilation and air conditioning systems must also be designed and installed to ensure adequate air quality and temperature control.

Assignment Outline 3: Identify various types, principle and usage of electrical supply system, telecommunication system, mechanical transportation systems and Building Intelligent Systems (BMS,BAS) in building.

Electrical Supply Systems:

  • Types: The most common types of electrical supply systems used in buildings are single-phase and three-phase AC power systems.
  • Principles: Electrical power is distributed throughout a building using a network of electrical circuits that are connected to a central power source. The main principle of electrical supply systems is to provide a safe and reliable source of electricity for building occupants.
  • Usage: Electrical supply systems are used to power lighting, HVAC systems, elevators, and other building systems.

Telecommunication Systems:

  • Types: Telecommunication systems used in buildings include wired and wireless networks, telephone systems, intercom systems, and video conferencing systems.
  • Principles: Telecommunication systems use various technologies to transmit and receive data, voice, and video signals between devices. The main principle of telecommunication systems is to provide reliable and secure communication between building occupants.
  • Usage: Telecommunication systems are used for internet access, telephone communication, intercom communication, video conferencing, and other communication needs.

Mechanical Transportation Systems:

  • Types: Mechanical transportation systems used in buildings include elevators, escalators, and moving walkways.
  • Principles: Mechanical transportation systems use motors, gears, and pulleys to move people or objects vertically or horizontally between different levels of a building. The main principle of mechanical transportation systems is to provide safe and efficient transportation for building occupants.
  • Usage: Mechanical transportation systems are used to move people and goods between different levels of a building, especially in high-rise buildings.

Building Intelligent Systems (BMS, BAS):

  • Types: Building Intelligent Systems include Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS).
  • Principles: Building Intelligent Systems use sensors, controllers, and software to monitor and control building systems such as HVAC, lighting, security, and fire protection. The main principle of Building Intelligent Systems is to optimize the performance of building systems, reduce energy consumption, and improve occupant comfort.
  • Usage: Building Intelligent Systems are used to automate and control various building systems, providing centralized control, monitoring, and analysis of building performance. They are used in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

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