MKT537 Marketing Research Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

In this course, you will learn about the various aspects of marketing research including its nature and application. You’ll explore topics such as how to solve problems related to management or product decisions using scientific methods like experimentation & observation; what types of data collectors should use (email interviews vs face-to-face); why collecting good quality information is important when designing Your study/ experiment etc. The instructor for this specialized class covers all these core areas in great detail by providing both theoretical frameworks alongside practical examples.

This course is designed for marketing professionals who want to learn about the various aspects of marketing research and how to apply them to solve problems related to management or product decisions. The instructor for this class will cover all of the core areas of marketing research, including its nature and application, in great detail.

You’ll also get a chance to work with actual marketing research tools and software during the course, which will give you a real-world understanding of how this type of research is conducted. By the end of the course, you should have a strong grasp of marketing research concepts and be able to apply them in practice.

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Assignment Brief 1: Analyse the fundamentals of marketing research

Marketing research is the process of gathering, analyzing and reporting information that assists a company in making marketing decisions. It can be divided into two categories: primary and secondary research.

Primary research is the collection of data firsthand from sources such as surveys, interviews or focus groups. Secondary research is the analysis of information that has already been published by other sources, such as government reports or industry journals.

Both forms of research are important for making well-informed marketing decisions. However, primary research is often thought to be more reliable because it is firsthand information that has been collected specifically for the study.

Marketing research is a vital tool for businesses of all sizes. By understanding the needs and wants of their target market, businesses can create products and services that are more likely to be successful. Additionally, marketing research can help businesses to identify new opportunities and to track their progress over time.

Assignment Brief 2: Demonstrate the autonomous learning skills in the formulation of a theoretical framework based on a systematic marketing research process

Marketing research is the process used to gather data and information about markets, consumers, and competitors. The goal of marketing research is to provide insights and understanding that can be used to make better marketing decisions. 

Autonomous learning skills are critical in the formulation of a theoretical framework based on a systematic marketing research process. These skills enable researchers to understand market trends and forces, gather and analyze data, and develop marketing strategies. 

Some of the key autonomous learning skills needed for successful marketing research include:

  • Understanding market trends and forces: Researchers must be able to identify important market trends and understand the factors that drive them. This requires keeping up with the latest industry news and developments, as well as being able to identify emerging trends.
  • Gathering and analyzing data: Marketing research relies heavily on data. Researchers must be able to collect data from various sources, such as surveys, focus groups, and customer interviews. They must also be able to effectively analyze this data to extract insights that can be used to make marketing decisions.

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Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate managerial skills through the implementation of appropriate research methods

Several methods can be used to research managerial skills.

One method is to look at the research that has been conducted on the topic of leadership. This would include studies on the qualities of effective leaders, the effects of different leadership styles, and how to develop leadership skills.

Another method is to survey employees or customers about their perceptions of the manager’s skills. This could include surveys about how effectively the manager handles difficult situations, communicates with employees or customers, or resolves conflicts.

A third method is to review performance data to identify areas where improvement is needed. This might include data on employee turnover rates, customer satisfaction ratings, or financial performance.

Once the areas of needed improvement have been identified, the manager can then take steps to improve their skills in those areas. This might involve attending training courses, reading books or articles on the topic, or seeking out mentors or coaching. By taking action to improve their managerial skills, the manager can make a positive impact on their team and organization.

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