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Marketing is a critical function of the business. Marketing helps build and maintain relationships with customers, create customer value, increase revenue streams and mitigate risk. Marketers work to develop a brand identity for the firm or organization through various marketing communications such as advertising campaigns, public relations programs (PR), sales promotions, sponsored events/parties etc.

The MKT421 Marketing Concepts and Practices is a module devoted to the study of marketing. This course covers the fundamentals of marketing such as market definition, consumer decision making process, product development strategies, pricing policies etc. It also encompasses an overview on management types including ethics related issues in business transactions which will introduce students to ethical theory from various perspectives like feminist perspective.

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MKT421 is an introduction to the major aspects of marketing and its practice. The course covers all the concepts in a logical sequence, with increasing complexity as it progresses. This includes knowledge about product development, pricing strategies, promotion planning (advertising), distribution channels for products/services etc.

Assignment Task 1: Explain the principles of marketing and its functions with a business organization

In order to run a business successfully, an organization needs marketing. Marketing is the process of communicating with consumers in order for them to understand and want your product or service. In contrast, most businesses that are not marketed will fail because they do not have enough people informing others about their products/services. br>br>Marketing helps make sure you reach as many potential customers as possible by using several different methods including advertising on TV, radio and print media; researching competitors; having a website where visitors can learn more about what they offer; speaking at public events like seminars or trade shows so you can get direct feedback from targeted groups of people who might be interested in what you have to say.

The marketing functions in a business organization are diverse. Some examples of the many different types of function include market, sales and operations management, production planning and control, logistics/supply chain design & implementation, service delivery systems for global markets etc. Marketing also has an important role to play with regards to research on new products which can be used as potential sources of revenue or cost savings for future generations.

The marketing process is essentially about building relationships between customers (buyers) and suppliers so that they will buy from each other’s company instead of their competitors’ companies over time – this means constantly monitoring how well your product sells among people who have already bought it from you before in order to make sure that consumer needs stay fulfilled.

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Assignment Task 2: Practice social skills and responsibilities in the application of marketing processes and techniques

The need for social skills and responsibilities in the application of marketing processes and techniques is crucial to ensure that all people, especially those who are trying new things or don’t have much experience with it. This skill set can allow an individual to understand how they work best as well as create a stronger relationship with their consumers.

The process of marketing can be a difficult one. It is important to understand the various steps that go into creating and maintaining successful marketing strategies in order to effectively manage them. This includes high-level planning, setting goals, implementing strategy plans, measuring success rates through benchmarks like sales or customer satisfaction ratings and then reevaluating their business model as needed when things change over time in order for businesses to stay afloat in today’s world economy. In addition it also means understanding what needs are not being met by current strategies and implementing new ones accordingly if necessary so they don’t no longer reflect how consumers are acting even more accurately than before with market research data from digital sources such as social media outlets which encourage feedback on advertisements alongside increased transparency about companies’ operations.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate communication skills through a marketing project

Communication skills are a valuable asset to any person, whether they’re trying to start their own business and need them for success or planning on going into public service as an elected official. To truly excel in whatever field you choose while also carrying out your duties with excellence requires effective communication abilities that can be learned through practice and experience.

In a marketing project, communication skills are important. It is imperative to be able to communicate your ideas and plans clearly in order for the receiver of that information to understand you. Communication skills include being able to discuss what you have planned with others and knowing how much detail should be included in written or verbal communications with those same people so they can fully comprehend all aspects of your plan. This skill set also includes understanding appropriate timing when interacting with clients as well as how best not only relay messages but also properly read cues from them during conversations both on-and-off the job.

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